Twin Points Park and Swim Beach, Fort Worth

One of, if not the BEST swim beach in Tarrant County, Twin Point Park on Eagle Mountain Lake is open for the 2021 Season! Pack a cooler for lunch, grab some towels and floats, and don’t forget sunscreen for a great day at the lake! For 2021, reservations are required and available online.

THANK YOU to TRWD – Tarrant Regional Water District for inviting us out for a day at Twin Points Park, and offering complementary admission to the park!  I’ve worked with TRWD on another venue as well, specifically Panther Island Ice  (A seasonal, outdoor ice skating rink at the Coyote Drive In.).  However, I was not financially compensated for my post, and all opinions are my own.

Twin Points Park Swim Beach Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth Texas

Know Before You Go

Open daily 10am – 7pm.

Coolers and outside food are welcome.  No alcohol.

Don’t forget sunscreen, drinking water, lifejackets and shoes for walking in the hot sand.

Go on weekdays if at all possible, when it’s cheaper, and not nearly as crowded.

No in and out, so don’t forget ANYTHING!

No dogs, no glass.


Admission to the park is $20/car on Friday – Sunday and holidays, and $10.00 during the week.  It’s the same price for 2 or a car load.

Remember, there are no in-and-out priveledges, so you will have to pay again if you leave.  Be sure to come prepared with everything you need for a terrific day at the lake!


Swim Platform

The highlight is the swim platform, located far enough out to make it a good swim.  When the lake is full, as it was on the day of our visit, it’s about 6 – 6.5 feet deep, which is why they say no diving!  Kids were having a great time jumping off!


While there aren’t lifeguards at Twin Points, the park is well staffed, watching for reckless behavior, and will quickly address it!

Watch your kids.  Make sure younger children and weaker swimmers wear lifejackets.  

Things To Bring

I love my water toys, and Twin Points is a great place to bring them!  We brought a big float, which worked nice for just laying out and resting on!  I’d recommend one that that comes with a tether, because the wind can carry one off pretty quickly!

Speaking of the wind, Eagle Mountain Lake seems to always have a nice breeze, so don’t forget your kite!

Volleyball, frisbees, footballs are all welcome!  My son brought his watergun, and tormented everyone in range.

The picnic tables have grills, so you can make some cookout magic!  Click HERE to read one of my favorite post on grilling at a park from the Gardenista!

The rules state “no disturbing music”, so you may want to leave your drum set at home.  However, if you are really considerate, and keep in mind that 21 Pilots may not also be your neighbors favorite band, you could probably bring a speaker.  It’s why they make such fun, waterproof ones!   Climb on your big float and paddle out beyond the swim platform!


The park is named for the two points, now marked by brick pillars, that form the natural cove.  A concrete walkway leads you out here, and it’s fun to look for the dark shapes of fish in the water as you go!

Boats are not allowed in the swimming area, and it is roped off from the rest of the lake.  I was told it was about 11 feet deep when the lake is full.


Sandy Beach

The sandy beach is great for building sandcastles, so don’t forget the sand toys!

Texas lake beaches are known for the squishy bottoms, but I loved that the bottom of the lake was a nice hard, sandy surface as you enter from the middle of the swim beach.  It’s a little squishy on the sides, so just stay in the middle.



Bring your own volleyball for a game of sand volleyball, with the net close enough to the lake for a quick dip to cool off!


The Trinity Paddling Company rents paddleboards at the park! Reserve yours in advance online.


Picnic Tables

There is a group pavilion with a large grill (pictured above), as well as smaller covered picnic tables around the lake, plus a few tables under trees.

Come early to get a table, they are first come, first serve.

All the tables are in the grass, not the sand.  I think we found a rogue grass burr, so bring shoes to walk through the grass, and the hot sand!

There are also plenty of shady trees to sit under all around the park, so come prepared with a blanket, too!

Remember, sweet drinks, watermelon, etc are going to attract bees.  Keep lids on drinks and be prepared to clean up anything sweet.  Party City has these great, colorful mesh food domes to keep flies, etc off food, and there is one by Target (which doesn’t sell ice, fyi) off Jacksboro Highway and 820.  Click HERE if you have no idea what I’m talking about…

Just a note, I was really impressed with how often the park staff checked open picnic tables for trash and debris.  Please be considerate and throw away trash!


The Main Building offers restrooms, including two family restrooms.  There is also a first aid station, water fountains and vending machines.

On select weekends, there are food trucks at the park.



Use of lifejackets is free, and recommended for younger and weak swimmers!  There is even a checklist next to it on how to know if your life jacket fits properly.  A too-loose life jacket can slip right off over a child’s head!

I like the little puddle-jumpers for pools, but they can come off easily and I don’t recommend them for lakes or beaches, anywhere the water isn’t clear.

No life guards are on duty.

There are emergency phones available at each side of the beach area.


Boat Ramp

Located away from the swim beach is a boat ramp and numerous docks to tie off while passengers load and unload.  While the lake was full on our visit, thanks to all the spring rains, both the boat ramp and the docks are made to still be accessible if the lake is down as low as 12 feet!


Fishing isn’t allowed at the swim beach, but you can fish near the boat ramp.  A Texas Fishing License is required for anyone 17 or older.

History of Twin Points

Locals will argue that Twin Points isn’t a new park at all, but instead a rebirth of the once cherished swimming area known as Twin Points Resort, which also offered much of the same amenities, but included a huge, two-story swim platform!  The park was closed in 2006.   When TRWD approached me, I had never even heard of Twin Points, and it was interesting how many of my friends immediately started telling me stories of their childhood memories here as soon as I posted on facebook that I was going. Apparently, some of my friends had really wild childhoods….

Things To Do near Eagle Mountain Lake


Eagle Mountain Park has some of the best hiking trails in DFW.  Click HERE to read more!


Augie’s Sunset Cafe is more of a bar than a restaurant, but they open at 9am on weekends, that’s an hour before Twin Points, and there Augie Sauce is really good!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.

Twin Points Park

10000 Ten Mile Bridge Rd., Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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