Eagle Mountain Park, Fort Worth

As we are stepping down into a creek bed at Eagle Mountain Park on the 5 mile trail, I’m wondering how the lake got it’s name.  There’s certainly not an Eagle Mountain near this Fort Worth lake, built on the Trinity River, which is all rolling plains and timber.  However, the trail at Eagle Mountain Park is one of the very best in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, with plenty of shade and enough assents, declines and lake views to keep it interesting.


Know Before You Go

Take plenty of water and don’t forget sunscreen.

No dogs allowed. No bikes.

Restrooms are port-a-pottys



We visited on an early morning in late spring, and when we first arrived there were families and professional photographers everywhere, taking advantage of the early morning lighting and the very cool photo ops around the park!


There were so many, we had to stand in a line for this picture!  We were there on a Sunday, I’m thinking a weekday would be much less crowded.


Hiking Trails

Of course, we were there to HIKE! There are LOTS of trails at the park, all with varying degrees of difficulty, but none too difficult! We choose the 5 mile loop, that encompasses several different trails!



There are really good trail markers and maps in the park, so keep you on track.  If possible, print out a map at home, as the map dispenser was empty and we didn’t have phone service during much of our hike.


Much of our trail was shaded, and some places a little steep.  Grab one of the walking sticks at the front kiosk to use during your hike, but remember to return it!



We came upon this little armadillo during our hike.  He was oblivious to us, as he rooted around for little insects to eat. Armadillos have a very humorous reaction to being startled, they jump up straight in the air!  We were careful to not disturb this little guy.


As the trail makes it’s way down to the water, we came across this tell-tale sign of other wildlife in the park on the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake.  We didn’t see the beaver, but it’s definitely proof that there are some around!


A quiet lake scene in the morning light.


The Prickly Pear Cactus were all in bloom during our visit!  The delicate yellow flowers bloom then produce a fruit that is very sweet, yet still covered in little spines!


We celebrated reaching the furthest spot on the trail with a breakfast picnic under this incredible tree!  After eating, our packs were a little lighter, and the return hike was a breeze!


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Eagle Mountain Park   

11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd, Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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