This Fort Worth Restaurant Will Make You Feel Like You’re Dining in a Tropical Paradise.

An evening on the exquisite patio of this Texas Restaurant can easily make you believe you are dining somewhere along the coast in Mexico, but surprisingly you’re in the heart of Cowtown in Fort Worth!  Joe T. Garcia’s Restaurant has been taking guest on a tropical vacation for a few hours since the 1970’s when they first started building onto the small restaurant that had been serving locals traditional Tex Mex since the 1930’s,  and sitting back with a margarita in your hands, it’s easy to believe you have been transported across the Gulf!


From their manicured gardens to amazing fountains, there is something incredible to see around every turn!


You’ll expect to find a line during busy times, but it moves quickly and you can purchase a margarita to sip on while you wait, making standing in line a little more fun!


The huge courtyard has wonderful little corners to explore while waiting for your food!


There are also several big areas for private parties on the patio, as well!


All the special little touches make it feel like a visit to one of the plazas in Mexico!


A simple menu keeps you relaxed as you enjoy a cool breeze.  I always suggest the enchilada plate that comes with 2 tacos and 2 nachos, which are served family style when 2 or more are ordered, something I just love!  The beef fajitas are good, too.


You can’t beat a margarita on a warm day, either.


They only accept cash and checks, no credit cards.  They do have an ATM on site, also.


The restaurant has been serving hungry guest since 1935, when it was just the small building, but gradually the patio was built and expanded, to a seating of over 1000 today!


There’s no better way to enjoy after dinner than a stroll along the beautiful walkways around the restaurant!


Very family friendly, you’ll see formal dinner parties to people just coming off the river and everything in between.


Esperanza’s Bakery, just up the street, is also owned by Joe T’s and offers incredible breakfast starting at 6am.



While you feel like you might be greeted by a wild parrot or iguana at every turn, the children are the wildest things you will see in this restaurant!  Here’s just a few more images of the restaurant!





Things To Do in Fort Worth


Located next to the Fort Worth Stockyards, there is so much to do and see!  Catch a Championship Rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights, enjoy the FREE daily cattle drive, have your picture taken on a Longhorn Steer, let the kids run the Cowtown Maze or even go on horseback ride along the Trinity River or a scenic train ride!

 Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

2201 N. Commerce St., Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.

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