Why You and Your Hunger Need to Visit Crockett Row at West 7th, Fort Worth

Crockett Row in Fort WorthTexas foodies need to seriously set their eyes on what’s happening in Fort Worth’s Crockett Row!  There are so many fun places to eat that we planned a whole day around filling our bellies at the new Food Hall!

The Food Hall at Crockett Row in Fort Worth

Crockett Row is set on Crockett St., between University and West 7th, an area already known for their fun restaurants!   We had our eyes, and appetites, set on the Food Hall, which opened late 2018.

The Food Hall at Crockett Row in Fort Worth

Best described as an upscale Mall Food Court, the Food Hall offers such favorites as Knife Burger, which was voted one of the Top Burgers in Texas and Fort Worth by Texas Monthly, Thrillist and about a dozen others!

The Food Hall at Crockett Row in Fort Worth

Press Waffle Company , which has 3 locations in Texas and one in OK City at the Collective, won me over with their Southern Belle lemon curd waffle!

The Food Hall at Crockett Row in Fort Worth

They even have fun Waffle Pops!

Abe Froman's of Fort Worth at the Food Hall on Crockett Row

We saved a visit to Abe Froman’s of Fort Worth for another day!  Of course, there are samples, too!  I tried a sample of the beet hummus at the Swarma Bar, and a couple of cheesecake bites at Val’s Cheesecake!  My friends both purchased a couple of boxes of cupcakes at Gigi’s Cupcakes, which has locations around the country, and the Wedding Cake was incredible!  For a complete list of all the options, and I really suggest you take a quick look before you go, click HERE.

Wrare at Crockett Row, Fort Worth


We had time for a quick stop at Wrare to see their fun and eclectic shop!  I love this lamp!

Wrare at Crockett Row, Fort Worth

We took a few minutes to take some fun pictures, too!

Crockett Row in Fort Worth

Our littlest lunch date had a great time on the little slide!

Parking  We parked in the parking garage right next to the playarea.  All the shops and restaurants on Crockett Row will validate your parking with a purchase.  Of course, we forgot and had to run back but the friendly people at Press Waffles remembered us and were happy to validate!

There’s so much more at Crockett Row, but this is a great start to a wonderful day or exciting evening!  Other restaurants include Mashed (yum), American Gardens, Fred’s Texas Cafe, Rodeo Goat, el Bolero, Movie Tavern and many others!

Crockett Row in Fort Worth

 Crockett Row at West 7th

Click HERE to visit their website.

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