Wild Berry Farm, Sadler

What could be more fun than a day spent on the farm, especially if that farm is Wild Berry Farm with so many fun activities for the entire family!


As the name implies, they are a berry farm, but during the fall they have huge fields of pumpkins and a great Fall Festival!


In addition to a cafe where you can get something to eat, and purchase some already picked pumpkins, they have fun games for the kids and adults!


A fun slide!


But we came to get a pumpkin!  What I love about Wild Berry Farms is that they are actually growing their pumpkins, and the kids can see the pumpkins on the vines, and at different stages of growth!


Who knew a pumpkin starts off green and turns orange when it’s ready to be picked!


Starting in early summer, they also have a huge sunflower field, and pick your own sunflowers, or just come out for some pictures!

DSC_0984 (2).JPG

We did a little of both!


Sunflowers are far as you can see!


It wouldn’t be a Fall Festival without a corn maze!  I found this cutie hiding in the corn.


Wild Berry Farms famous blackberries!  The berries are ripe in late fall and early summer, and definitely the farms busiest times, because who doesn’t love a blackberry cobbler?


I love persimmons and we were able to pick as much as we wanted from the trees growing around the farm!


They also had a huge zinna field!  It was so beautiful, and just covered in butterflies!


Again, you can pay to cut and take home, or just get some pictures while at the farm.

DSC_1000 (2).JPG

There is a tractor ride that takes you around the farm, and we stopped at the pond to feed the fish!   Hungry carp, they made the water boil as they ate!  It was so much fun!


Just a few other fun things to do on the farm!


I don’t even know what this is, but they sure had fun doing it!


We loved the little animals around the farm, too!  My son tells me that house goats are becoming a thing…..


 Wild Berry Farm
905 Crawford Rd., Sadler
Click HERE to visit their website.

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