Museum of the Weird, Austin

Museum of the Wierd Austin Texas

I’d say the Museum of the Weird is half FREAK show, half oddities exhibits and half wax museum, because even the math in Austin is weird!  But if you’re looking for a fun time with your friends or family, and something unique to do while in Austin, this is your destination!  Go with an open mind, a adventurous spirit and an empty bladder, because they don’t have a restroom.

Museum of the Weird Austin Texas 6th Street storefront

Located on 6th street, where it really doesn’t get much weirder in Texas, the museum is family-friendly, but probably not for most younger children.


The museum starts at the BACK of the Lucky Lizard Gift Shop, which is filled with gag gifts, souvenirs and lots of fun things!


We had fun just looking at everything, especially their huge Texas t-shirt collection!


Bigfoot was shopping, too!  For his fans, you’ll find a neat little exhibit on Bigfoot in Texas inside the museum!

If you don’t know much about Texas Bigfoot, click HERE to watch a video posted last year in Round Rock, which may or may not be a hoax.  Every summer there seems to be a sighting somewhere, and we usually can’t resist the urge to just go see where it happened, even if it’s just to scare our kids!


Inside the museum, there are so many cool things to see.  One of the first attractions is a wax figure of P. T. Barnum, with some information about his American Museum, the first Dime Museum where people could see oddities!  Since we LOVED the movie, The Greatest Showman, we really enjoyed this exhibit!

Barnum’s oddities were one of the inspirations for the Museum of the Weird!


Unique things are all over the museum!  From Fiji Mermaids to aliens and voodoo, there’s a little of everything!

Here’s a fun article to read about the history of the Fiji Mermaid.  I read it after going, and kinda want to go again just to pay a little closer attention to it!  Click HERE to read it!


In the first part of the museum, you’re on a self-guided tour at your own pace.

LIke any good museum, the exhibits have written information, so you’ll want to slow down and read everything to really appreciate what you’re looking at!


But for the second half, you have a guide to introduce you to some of the characters of the old movies!


Don’t miss a chance to pose with King Kong!


The Creature from the Black Lagoon almost caught me.


There were many, many more.  Pictures are allowed in any of the room except one.  This is the prize of the museum, and I won’t tell you any more but it’s a fun experience we will remember for a long time!

After the tour, we were all seated to watch a live show of some really WEIRD things!  Our guide gave us a taste of a real oddities show, as we watched a man hammer a nail into his nose and more strange, gross and yet fascinating acts!  Caught up in the shock and awe of the moment, I volunteered my daughter to go up and assist….. and she will probably never forgive me!  Assisting meant helping him pull the nail back out of his nose!!!


Just a fun piece of “history”, the building that houses the Museum was once the home of Johnny Depp during the filming of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which was filmed in Austin.  While living here, he was in the band P, with Gibby Hanes of the Butthole Surfers

Know Before You Go

This is important, the museum doesn’t have a restroom, so GO before you go!

We were able to park right on 6th Street in front of the museum at 10am on a Saturday morning.  Later in the day, you won’t be so lucky!

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Museum of the Weird

412 E. 6th St., Austin

Click HERE to visit their website.

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