11 Reasons to visit The Salt Lick BBQ for your Sunday Afternoon BBQ fix, Driftwood

The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas

BBQ is huge in Texas, and one of the biggest names is the Salt Lick in Driftwood.  Located just about 15 minutes West of Austin, we love it for special occasions, Sunday afternoons and just anytime we need a BBQ fix.  Here’ s 11 reasons why it’s worth the trip!

The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas

1. The Salt Lick is located on over 35 acres just 15 minutes West of Austin, so like Texas, it’s a big place!


The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas

2.  You can choose to sit inside in the air conditioning, or out under the shade of the trees!  The live music on the weekends might help you burn a few calories as you tap along, but you’ll probably just replace it with their homemade Chocolate Pecan Pie, or ice cream, or both.

3. They don’t sell beer or alcohol at The Salt Lick but you can step next door to the Salt Lick Cellars and buy a bottle, or bring your own!

the salt lick
Image courtesy of The Salt Lick

4.  That’s about 4,000,000,000 delicious calories on that plate!  You can purchase by the plate, by the pound or ALL YOU CAN EAT for only $24.99.  They have kid’s plates, too.

Lemonade at the Salt Lick in Driftwood Texas

5.  Their lemonade is a MUST have, and they make it right in front of you!

Vineyards at the Salt Lick in Driftwood Texas

6.  Take a walk around the vineyards at the Salt Lick, which has 4 different grape varieties.

Salt Lick Cellars in Driftwood Texas

7.  The Salt Lick Cellars is the Salt Lick’s Wine Tasting Room.  Try the BBQ White.

Salt Lick Cellars in Driftwood Texas

Just a heads up, children aren’t allowed at the Salt Lick Cellars.  You can buy a bottle and take back to the restaurant.

Salt Lick Cellars in Driftwood Texas

Or leave the kids with the grandparents….

The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood Texas

8.  Your furry best friend is welcome at both The Salt Lick and Salt Lick Cellars.  The promise of a beef rib is reason enough for any pup to be excited about going.

The Salt Lick Kid's Ranch in Driftwood Texas

9.  The Kid’s Ranch is located beside the dining area, under plenty of big trees!  It’s a huge playground, perfect for taking the kids to run off their lunch!

The Salt Lick BBQ picnic grounds in Driftwood Texas

10.  Even their picnic tables lure you to just take it easy and relax while you watch the kids play!  You can get your lunch to go, and eat under the shady trees while the kids play, or just take them before or after you eat.

Hammock Garden at The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood Texas

11.  As if all this isn’t reason enough, you can bring your own hammock and sleep off your lunch or dinner in the Hammock Garden.  I’ve honestly thought about staying here after dinner and being first in line for lunch the next day.

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The Salt Lick

18300 FM 1826, Driftwood 

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