Beer Can House, Houston

We are in Houston for Spring Break, and checking out some of the fun. and more unique things to see and do in the city!  It doesn’t get any more unique than the BEER CAN HOUSE in Houston’s Rice Military Neighborhood, located just minutes of Downtown!


The first thing you’ll notice is that even the little house looks out of place in the midst of new homes being built in this little neighborhood just a short bike ride from Downtown!  Getting there was easy, and we were able to park along the street.


The former home of John Milkovisch, he began in 1968 adding marbles, stones and metal pieces to concrete to create interesting designs, according to the website.  He then began adding “beer can” aluminum siding to the house from cans he drank!  For 18 years he continued drinking and adding on to his house!


Like windchimes, the beer tops made the loveliest sound in the Spring wind!


Even the sides of the house are adorned with beer cans!


We were amused by all the different beer labels on the house, many of which are no longer available!  The Houston sun and humidity has faded many of the cans, which just add to the character of the house!  One of the quotes you’ll find on the tour is that John often stated his favorite beer was whatever was on special!


After the death of John and his wife Mary, the house was made into a museum, and is now in the care of the Orange Show Center for Visual Arts.  Tours of the house are available on weekends during the year, and Wednesday – Sunday during the summer.   An admission is charged.


I can’t imagine the patience used to create this!


Considered by John to be more of a pastime than art, he certainly made something uniquely beautiful!


As the city has grown around the little home, it’s incredible to see how he has left his little mark on the world!


As we were leaving, we lucked in to meeting one of the neighbors who lived there while the beer can house was being built.  He told us of watching John come home daily with a bag of beer and how the house was “changing” during the years.  He spoke with nothing but pride in living so close to such a neat attraction.  Along the narrow street, the older homes have almost all disappeared, and he told us they are being replaced with new homes selling from $800,000 to $1,000,000, and all the new neighbors are just as proud of the attraction in their little community!

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Beer Can House

222 Malone St., Houston

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