Flying Saucer Pie Company, Houston

It’s Pi Day, March 14th, on our last day of Spring Break in Houston, in which we were searching for some of the odd things to see and do in town!  We’d just left the Beer Can House, a house totally covered in beer cans, and now we’re on the search for the best pie in town.  With my husband holding the google map reins, we headed north of Downtown to the Flying Saucer Pie Company, a pie bakery located in Northwest Houston, and been in business for over 50 years.  Their fun, alien reference to Flying Saucers is echoed in the restaurant, and I love the fun mural on the outside!


We arrived about 15 minutes before 2pm, because my husband is determined that we all eat pie at exactly 1:59, the 2nd 6 digits of Pi, 3.1415926535897932384626433832…, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  We aren’t the only ones celebrating this Geek Holiday, and the line stretches out the door at the Flying Saucer, and my family quickly joins it while I try to get a few good pictures.


As with all good things, the line moves quickly and we are soon placing our order, which basically means we are trying one of everything.  In addition to whole pies, they also sell them by the slice.  My 10 year old can’t decide from the menu between the apple pie and the Dutch Apple Pie, until she brings it out to show it, explaining that it whops a 2″ brown sugar and cinnamon crumb on top.  It looks a little too sweet for me and I ask for a Chocolate Cream, while my husband and other kids package up everything else.


The Flying Saucer doesn’t have a dining area, and we head outside with our bags and are soon tailgating in the parking lot with all our pies open and forks at the ready, and just as the clock changes to 1:59, everyone takes a bite of pie!  (I had really already snuck a couple but didn’t tell my husband because he’s weird about these things) but it was all really good.  I’m pretty sure I licked my Chocolate Cream Pie plate clean, and my husband chased my oldest around the parking lot for a few minutes in a vain attempt to get a bite of his pecan pie.  My daughter had ordered the strawberry cheesecake, which is their best seller but definitely not my favorite, a title which hands down went to my youngest son’s Dutch Apple.  The crumb on top was a terrific balance and not too sweet.

So long Houston, we’re sugared up and headed out to see a few more oddities on our Odd Spring Break!

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Flying Saucer Pie Company

436 W Crosstimbers St, Houston

Click HERE to visit their website.

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