Outrigger Seafood Grill and Bar, Seabrook

Growing up not far from the Seabrook Area, I have lots of favorite restaurants in the area, and many that have closed.  Recently, TxDOT announced plans to widen TX-146, and many of the buildings, restaurants and shops are being closed.  Tookie’s, my favorite hamburgers, closed in January and reopened over in Kemah.  Another of our favorites, Outriggers Seafood will be relocating to El Lago in Summer 2019.  They haven’t announced a closing date yet for their Seabrook Restaurant, which always has a fun crowd, covered open-air seating, great food and beautiful views. but before they do, head over to make some memories now in this cool restaurant on the bay!

We were in Houston over Spring Break, and had to go have our (possible) farewell meal at the restaurant.  It will be missed!


Since Outriggers opened in 2001, I don’t think I’ve ever sat anywhere except outside on the big covered deck!  We always love watching the big boats pull up!

If you WANT to get out on the water, there are several cruises available. Check out FantaSea Yacht Charters, which offers hour long tours around the bay!  They head out right past restaurant, and it’s always fun to wave hello!  Click HERE to visit their website.

outriggers seafood
Image courtesy of Outriggers Seafood

The restaurant shucks Gulf Oysters right downstairs, and has a great menu of fried items and fish!

Our 10-year-old is now obsessed with oysters, after eating chargrilled ones in New Orleans during a recent trip there.  While I won’t let him eat raw ones yet, he was so excited to try a fried one!  Our waitress was amazing, and brought him one fried oyster instead of making me purchase a full order, a good thing for me since he’s definitely decided to stick with the grilled ones!  I asked if he thought it tasted like a chicken nugget, and he said definitely NO!  And yes, “Shove it in” is proper dining language.

During our meal, we struck up a conversation with the couple next to us, who had more beer in their bucket than they could drink and were willing to share.  We both attended the same high school, and had fun sharing stories, even though our graduation dates had been a few …. years….. apart!

Casual restaurants, good food, the far off sound of a radio playing just loud enough to catch a word or two through the laughter, and watching as the sun sinks down below the horizon.  Sweet, sweet memories.


Here’s my view of the Kemah Boardwalk from our table!  There are several really good restaurants there, all in the Landry’s chain, but I don’t think any of them are any better than the food and easy feel at Outriggers!

Can anyone else remember when Pier 19 and the Flying Dutchman were the only restaurants where the Boardwalk is now?


The view from the other side of the restaurant, really not a bad seat at all, and you can watch a beautiful sunset!  It will be missed!

I will try to post a closing date when one is announced, but please call or check before visiting.

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Outrigger Seafood

101 Bath Street, Seabrook

Click HERE to visit their website.

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