Witches Brew New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tour

Get ready for a fun thrill on a Ghost and Vampire Tour in New Orleans’ French Quarter!  We’ve done several ghost tours in the Big Easy, and they are always fun, and a great way to see the Quarter at night!  Our favorite, which we’ve done twice, is the Witches Brew Ghost and Vampire Tour, which also throws in a few witch stories and plenty of voodoo, too!

Like all my Ghost Tour Reviews, I’m not going to give you all the details and stories, because it’s always more fun to hear them on the tour, but I will give you some great tips for having the best time on your tour!


The tour starts on the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Courts Building, across the street from the Police Station.  You’ll want to arrive a little early, and we’ve done this tour twice and felt safe both times, even though you’re meeting after dark, because daytime ghost tours just aren’t the same.

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Be on time!  It’s so hard to catch up, if not impossible, and the tours won’t wait for you.

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Even during the week, there are usually big crowds, and in New Orleans there are a LOT of Ghost Tours.  It’s easy to get confused and end up walking with the wrong tour when you meet so take a good look at your tour guide, and stay with them!  We stay as close to the guide as possible!

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Bring your camera or be prepared to take lots of pictures on your phone.  While I enjoy Ghost Tours purely for the entertainment, they say that you can catch images of the supernatural in a photo that you can’t see with your naked eye.  Even my kids bring cameras on ghost tours, because it’s fun to see if you did get anything!

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Always go to the restroom before the tour starts, bring water and comfortable walking shoes.  You do get a break half-way to grab a drink or go to the restroom, but they won’t wait for you before that.  Also, bring cash for the drink, and to tip your tour guide.


The Ghost Tour will also visit Jackson Square, and you’ll hear lots of Ghost Stories here!  One of our favorites is at Muriel’s on the Square!  At this restaurant, you can dine with a ghost or visit their Seance Lounge, and I really believe reading a little bit more about the ghost here will only enhance your Ghost Tour!

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There are a lot of fun things to do after dark on Jackson Square, like get your fortune told or your palm read.  While you won’t have time to do this during your tour, you can go back later!  My daughter was told she was a social butterfly and would always be distracted by boys.  I really didn’t need to pay to hear that, but she had a lot of fun with it!


While the tours definitely talk about ghost, vampires, murder and often other more adult conversations, such as brothels, etc. and are meant to put a tingle down your spine, the tours are for the most part family friendly.  It really depends on your child.  Casper the Friendly Ghost gave me nightmares as a child, but my kids love these tours, including my 9-year-old.


What I really love about Ghost Tours is the history you hear along with the stories.

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And since the tour guides are locals, don’t hesitate to ask about great places to see while you’re there.  A good tour guide will give your plenty of suggestions during the tour on their own.


While each tour is a little different, they all converge at a few really infamous locations in the French Quarter, like this house at Royal and Ursuline.  The home, now owned by a Baton Rouge attorney, is often in the Spring Tour of homes, if you want to see inside.

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Of course, the most famous of the haunted homes in New Orleans is no secret to most, the LaLaurie Mansion was discovered to have bodies of people inside the walls and even a torture chamber during a fire in 1834!  The ghost stories you’ll hear here may even keep you up at night!

Your tour may or may not take you to 716 Dauphine Street, the Sultan’s Palace, but here’s another scary ghost story, if you want to visit during the light of day.

Things To Do (With Kids) in New Orleans


The Audubon Aquarium is a located in the French Quarter, right on the shores of the Mississippi River!  Click HERE to read more!

Ranked by Trip Advisor as the #2 Museum in the World, the National World War II Museum is a must-see!  Click HERE for more information.

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is a fun play to take the kids to play and learn, located in the nearby Warehouse Museum District.  Enjoy the day or enroll the kids in one of their camps to attend while you explore New Orleans for a day!  Click HERE for more information.


During this visit, we stayed at the Hilton Riverfront Hotel, located just next door to Fulton Alley!  The hotel offered two heated swimming pools, and a large workout facility with tennis courts and much more!  It also has a terrific location, right on the river, and adjoining the Riverfront Mall and Carnival Cruise Lines port!  Click HERE for more information.

Witches Brew Ghost and Vampire Tour

Meet at Corner of Conti and Royal in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court Building

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