Shrimp N Stuff, Galveston

Shrimp N Stuff sits away from the Galveston Seawall’s touristy location because it’s anything but a tourist stop for seafood.  Almost hidden at Ave O and 39th Street, it was once a place where you would only find the Galveston locals.  In the past 5 years, though, word seems to have gotten out, and we’ve watched as more and more of the Island visitors are coming here as well.  Galveston seems to be in the middle of a food renaissance, and you’re seeing more and more local and independent owned restaurants popping up, as tourist seem to be looking for something beyond the chains that have dominated the island for the past 20 years.


True to it’s roots as a neighborhood restaurant, there’s very little parking at Shrimp N Stuff.  You can usually grab a spot along Ave O, or on Sundays across the street.


They have an indoor and outdoor dining area, but I love the peaceful feel of their outside dining!


You order when you enter, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone any further than their #1, the fried shrimp dinner.


My kids head straight for the popcorn shrimp on the kids menu!


It’s October, and we are on the island searching out the scariest Galveston has to offer, part of our Haunted Galveston weekend.  Our weekend included a visit to the Haunted Mayfield Manor, a tour of Bishop’s Palace and even Dash Beardsley’s Ghost Tours of Galveston!

It seems everywhere you go in Galveston, someone has a ghost story to tell, so I naturally asked Shrimp N Stuff if anything if anyone there has ever had a weird, unexplained experience?  Has anything ever just disappeared?  Only the shrimp, they replied!

Know Before You Go 

As with anyplace on the island, try to visit during the less traditional times to eat!

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Shrimp and Stuff

3901 Avenue O Galveston

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