Splash Kingdom Timber Falls, Nacogdoches

We headed back to Nacogdoches, and spent the weekend in the oldest town in Texas!

After a morning of touring Downtown Nacogdoches and the Stephen F. Austin campus, we were ready for some water!  Splash Kingdom Timber Falls was just the ticket!  I spent the afternoon carefree in the lazy river while the kids were swishing down the tube slides!  With the fourth of July behind us, we’ve reached the halfway point of summer, and now it’s rushing on faster than they are racing down these slides, and all the while I’m just floating along, dreaming of an endless summer…

A HUGE Thank You to Splash Kingdom Timber Falls for inviting myself and my family out for the day, and providing us with complementary tickets.  In previous years, we have also visited the Splash Kingdom parks in Canton and Weatherford, at their invite.  I was not financially compensated for this review, and as always, all opinions are my own.  In this family, it’s the only time I get to have my own opinions….


I enjoy slides, too, and just managed to catch a couple of quick pictures of the park from the top of the tower before it was my turn to ride!  We enjoyed super short lines all day, which always makes for a great day!  I’m not sure if it was because of the clouds and chance of rain later that day, but Timber Falls has a rain check policy, and if the park closes, they will issue you a rain check good for anytime that season!  Of course, no rain drops were going to ruin our fun, and we had enjoyed finding animal shapes in the passing clouds!


My boys racing down Buzzsaw, one of 6 big slides at the park.  They all have a 42″ minimum height to ride, and life jackets are not permitted.  While the area under the slides is off-limits, they open into a swimming area.


I love the themes at all the Splash Kingdom locations, and Timber Falls aptly has a TREEHOUSE!!!  Guest must be under 52″ to play, or accompanying a child.  There are 6 slides, 12” of water and life jackets are allowed on all the slides!


This is as close as my youngest is ever going to get to being a squirrel when he grows up!


There is plenty of seating, and even arriving in the afternoon we didn’t have to scramble to find a place to sit in the shade, not that we do a lot of sitting!


The Log Jam lazy river floats along under 2 of the largest slides, and I felt very comfortable letting my 9-year-old do the slides by himself while I floated around, and around….

Did you know that Log Jam is a reference to the GIANT log jam on the Red River, which created Caddo Lake.  If you enjoy Texas History, click HERE to read more about the GREAT RAFT !


There were plenty of single and double tubes for everyone!  Splash Kingdom doesn’t allow outside tubes, which is fine since they have so many, and they’re FREE!


Which do you prefer, open or closed slides?  Timber Falls has each!

We had fun racing down the rides, and when my son didn’t have anyone to race, one of the lifeguards (who was heading down anyway) offered to race him!  All the lifeguards and employees at the park were very friendly, and seemed to really enjoy their job!


I love my new Master Lock personal safe, which is PERFECT for waterparks!  Just big enough to hold a little cash, my phone and car keys, it saves from renting a locker!  A cable attaches to the table, chair or in this case, our umbrella!  Click HERE to see it on Amazon!

Of course, Timber Falls has lockers you can rent to store personal items!


No trip to the waterpark is complete without a Mini Melts!

Splash Kingdom doesn’t allow outside food or drinks, although you can bring in an empty water bottle!

They have a full menu, including kids meals.

If you packed a cooler, they also offer picnic tables near the parking lot where you can eat your lunch.  Your Splash Kingdom ticket allows all day come and go privileges, so you can even go get something to eat, and come back, great if you have a child who needs an afternoon nap!


Know Before You Go

FREE Parking!

Check Groupon!  At the time of this posting, they are currently running a Groupon good for any of the Splash Kingdom Waterparks!

Come after 4pm, when tickets are only $10.00!

Military and Seniors 65+ discounts!

Wednesday Nights are Family Nights, and the park stays open until 9pm!

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While there is plenty of hiking to do in the nearby Angelina National Forest, or lake fun on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, there is PLENTY to do right in town!

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Maroney Park is a FREE city park, that offers a big wooden playground that my kids love!  Click HERE for more information.

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We love Clear Springs and their amazing onion rings! 


Stag Leap Country Cabins is a private retreat with a bed and breakfast flare in the heart of East Texas.  Stag Leap is a 200-acre woodland with secluded cabins scattered throughout, along the Bonaldo Creek, with activities such as hiking trails and bonfires.  

Splash Kingdom Timber Falls

401 N University Dr, Nacogdoches

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