The Point on Lake Worth, Fort Worth

We spent a day with friends in Fort Worth, and went to walk the new trail to Airfield Falls, and see the new park that just opened in April!  My search for a restaurant with outdoor seating that allowed dogs found us a little gem, The Point on Lake Worth!


Located right on the shores of Lake Worth, it’s hidden from the main roads, and you’re not going to see it unless you’re already looking for it!


There is an indoor dining room, and a separate bar.


As well as a cute, covered patio.


There are plenty of tables on the lawn area, too!


And a GREAT view of the lake!


After we ordered, the kids headed down to the water!


I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to send well, but somehow he managed to stay dry!


We also visited the horseshoe pit!  The kids had fun playing until our lunch arrived!

Right as they were heading out with our lunch, we heard a roar above us, and were thrilled watching a jet perform rolls as it streaked across the sky!


Hey Look!  I actually remembered to take some pictures, too!


My son ordered the catfish!


The chicken quesadilla was yummy, too!


Here’s the kids meal chicken tenders!  I was impressed that they are breaded there at the restaurant, as was the cheese sticks!  The chicken needed a little more salt for me, but was tender.


After lunch, the kids wanted to check out the boat dock.  Our waitress, who took good care of us, warned us that it was an old dock, and that we needed to watch the kids.  It does need some repairs, but it would be a nice way to visit the restaurant from the lake!


My mandatory turtle picture!


Just another view of the lake and boat docks.  We’ve only ever kayaked around the Fort Worth Nature Center, so it was interesting to see this side of the lake!


While we paid, the boys had fun playing Giant Jenga!

Airfield Falls

After our lunch, we headed over to Airfield Falls Trailhead and Conservation Park, and walked the short trail to Airfield Falls!  Click HERE to read more about it!

Things To Do on (near) Lake Worth


You’re close to one of our favorite spring=fed swimming holes, Burgers Lake!  Click HERE to read more!

Sansome Park has a great bike park for the more advanced mountain bike rider, which means I’ll never ride it.  You can also hike the trail!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page for trail information. .

The Fort Worth Nature Center offers great hiking trails, hay wagon rides to feed their Bison herd, children’s camps and classes, kayaking and canoes, a prairie dog town and much more!  Click HERE to read more.

Hidden Valley Miniature Golf is an old-school course.  Click HERE to visit their website.

The Point on Lake Worth 

1349 Bomber Rd, Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their facebook page.     

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