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As my oldest is getting ready to turn 17 in just a few weeks, we wanted to take him on a fun fishing trip one last time before he’s required to have a fishing license!  We booked a 4-hour bay fishing trip with Galveston Party Boats, and had an early morning start to a fun day!

Our captain took us out first to the Texas City Dike, and it’s a neat thing to see from the water!  After the fish didn’t show, they took us up to the remains of the SS Selma, a ship that was intentionally and permanently sunk just off Pelican Island.  We then headed out along the North Jetty, which runs off Bolivar Peninsula some 5 miles, protecting the entrance to the Ship Channel, and was a terrific boat ride all the way out to the end!


Know Before You Go

Dress in layers, the morning started chilly but quickly heat up.

Bring water and snacks in a soft-sided cooler, no hard coolers, styrofoam, alcohol or glass allowed. Have an ice chest with ice ready in your car for your catches!

The boat provides reels and bait, but you’ll want to bring something to wipe your hands on after baiting your line.  They sell towels, or bring your own, paper towels or even baby wipes!

There is a restroom with water and soap, too!


The 4-hour bay fishing trips run twice a day, in the morning and afternoon.


There are tables inside the boat, and a grill.  The food was simple; breakfast burritos, hamburgers and sodas.  There is no alcohol sold on the bay trips.


Poles are provided, and the deck crew will help you with tangles, caught lines and even removing your fish!  Buckets of squid and shrimp are provided, but you need to bait the line yourself, so bring a towel, paper towels or even hand wipes to clean up with!



We saw SO many dolphins, many who came up near the boat!  Bad photographer that I am, this was the only picture I was able to get, and I’m not sure you would even know it’s a dolphin if I didn’t tell you!  But really, it’s so exciting just to see them!


The Galveston County Daily News offers a Daily Fishing Report, and it is a good read before heading out on a fishing trip!  Click HERE to visit their site.


Galveston Party Boats also offers 8-hour offshore fishing trips and 3-day trips!

Things To Do in Galveston


Galveston is home to the largest Mardi Gras celebration in Texas, and there is plenty to do for the entire family!  Click HERE to read more!


Head over the the Strand for amazing food!  We LOVE La King’s Confectionery for homemade candies and the BEST ice cream and soda fountain!  Click HERE to read more!


We stayed at the Choice Quality at 5924 Seawall Blvd. during this trip, which offered a great location, free parking, free breakfast and free popcorn!  They also have an indoor pool, so my kids spent a lot of time swimming, although it was the popcorn that won their vote!

Galveston Party Boats

1700 Harborside Dr., Galveston

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