Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventures, Port Aransas

One of the highlights of visiting Port Aransas is a chance to see the dolphins that live in the bay and channel around Mustang Island!  While you might see some during the short ferry crossing from Aransas Pass, or from the Tower at Roberts Point Park, nothing beats getting out on the water on a dolphin tour and not only seeing them up close, but hearing about them and the surrounding area!

The Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventures took us on not only an incredible adventure out to spot dolphins, which we did, but also learned so much more about the fun things there are to do on the island!  It was a great tour with a fantastic and informative crew!

Thanks to the crew of the Scarlet Lady for inviting us out for a fun day of dolphin watching!  I was not financially compensated for this post, and as always, all opinions are my own!


Know Before You Go

Apply sunscreen before you get on the boat, and wear a hat and polarized sunglasses!

You’ll want to be free to move about the boat a little to see the dolphins, so I recommend a small backpack you can just wear, and not worry about your stuff, or make sure you have a bag/purse that zips up.

Food and drinks aren’t allowed to be brought on the boat, so plan on purchasing at least a couple of bottles of water during your tour.  Go ahead and start a tab before the boat leaves dock, so you don’t miss a minute of dolphin watching!

Arrive early enough to allow everyone a potty break before you get on the boat!


From the boat, you get to see some amazing houses you wouldn’t see otherwise!


Like this great house, right on the point!  We had barely left dock when we spotted our first dolphins, playing right in front of this house!


One thing is for sure, you NEVER know what you might see out on the water!  Luckily, all these pirates shot at us was water from their water guns!


We followed a pod of dolphins across the channel that had a mother and a nursing baby!


It was such a thrill to get to see them!  While it’s fun to try to get pictures of them, don’t forget to put down the camera and just enjoy them, and the cool sea breeze on your face!


We headed over to Saint Jo Island.  St. Jo is an island across from Mustang Island, and while people are allowed on the beach, there are no cars or amenities.  A ferry takes guest over daily, to fish and look for shells.  For more information, click HERE.

To complicate things, the island also goes by the name San Jose Island.  Click HERE to read more.


We were hoping to find a certain dolphin with a notch out of his dorsal fin, who is often swimming in the area, and we were so excited to spot him!

The dolphin don’t always put on “SeaWorld” worthy shows of jumping and doing tricks, but seeing them in this natural setting is so much more special!  I only have a few pictures of them, but click HERE to visit Island Paparazzi Photography by LeAnna, and her amazing pictures will have you packing your bags for a visit!


Our captain was GREAT!  He drove us by a sunken oil tanker, the S. S. John Worthington!  Click HERE to read more about it!

Captain even let this little girl drive the boat!

The entire crew of the Scarlet Lady was wonderful, and I loved that it wasn’t a huge boat, so we had lots of one on one time to speak with the crew, ask questions, and even check out a few things that were of interest to us!


We also went by the Lydia Ann Lighthouse.  There is a paddling trail that leads to the lighthouse, and you can even rent kayaks and a guide!  To learn more, click HERE.


We enjoyed watching people parasail, too!

Things To Do in Port Aransas


Schedule a sandcastle building class with the Port Aransas Sandcastle Guy, and learn how simple it really is to make incredible castles and sand sculptures!  Click HERE to read more!

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center offers FREE guided birding tour for anyone, novice to expert. Wednesdays at 9am.  Click HERE to read more.


Cool off at Deserted Island Ice Cream Parlor, which has funky beach-y colors, decor and game tables like checkers and more!  Great summer evenings!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


A Laughing Horse Lodge offers cute beach cottages with a full kitchen.  Click HERE to read more.

Scarlet Lady Dolphin Adventures

440 West Cotter Ave., Port Aransas

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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