North Beach, Corpus Christi

Located on Corpus Christi Bay, North Beach is a fun place to spend a day playing in the water and sand, and exploring the nearby attractions, like the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium!  The calm, shallow waters of the bay are a great place to take younger children without fear of waves or stong currents.


Know Before You Go

There is some FREE parking at the parks along North Beach.  The closer you are to the USS Lexington, it’s more likely you’ll need to pay.

There are restrooms along the beach, too, but they are not usually very clean.

Free outdoor beach showers are located in the 3 parks along the beach.

North Beach is a peninsula that is defined by the CC ship channel to the South and Nueces Bay to the North.  The community is a mixture of tourist attractions, hotels and cottage homes, many which can be rented and many that are the homes of year-round residents.

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You have arrived.


The Texas State Aquarium is located at the southern end of the peninsula, and is a great place to explore for a day!  Click HERE to read more! 


Tour the USS Lexington, a United States Essex-class aircraft carrier!  Click HERE to read more!


There are some fun restaurants on North Beach, but our favorite is Fajitaville!  Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, and even breakfast Thursday – Sunday!  At night it’s more bar than restaurant, but we all had fun playing sand volleyball, although the highlight was a ride on restaurant’s ferris wheel!


Hotel Deville

Owned by the same folks as Fajitaville, this fun hotel fills up quickly, so make weekend reservations in advance!  They offer bike rentals to ride around North Beach, and they also own Marinaville, located on the south end of the peninsula.  Here you can rent kayaks and SUP Paddleboards to take out on the bay, or go fishing on their pier!

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Pier 99 

Sitting out over the water, this is a fun restaurant for enjoying the ocean breeze!

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Gift Shops

There are several gift shops on the island, with beach wear and souvenirs!

A Hidden Gem

The Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society has a Lapidary Shop at 3933 North Timon Blvd., which is open to their members to come cut and polish gems and fossils they have found. It’s only open on Monday evenings, from about 6-9pm, and run by volunteers who won’t object to you sticking your head in to watch.

Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge

If it’s not too hot, and you’re not afraid of heights, take a walk along the pedestrian crossing on the huge Harbor Bridge!  From the top you can see for miles into the bay, Mustang Island and the Gulf beyond!


While playing on the beach, we saw a few different jellyfish, like this Moon Jelly.  One of the prettiest jellyfish you’ll find on the Gulf Coast, I think!

If you are stung, DO NOT rinse with FRESH WATER, which will only make it hurt worse!  Use vinegar or meat tenderizer, which will take away the pain and swelling.

Moon Jellyfish are quite amazing in that they have a Benjamin Button’s complex, if you remember the Brad Pitt movie about the man born old and slowly grew younger.  Moon Jellies can do a lifecycle reversal, and grow young instead of old.  It’s only one of the amazing properties that scientist searching these incredible animals for anti-aging (and dementia) cures!


The most common Jellyfish you’ll find at North Beach is the Cannonball or Cabbagehead Jellyfish!  These round little jellies are easy to spot, and usually avoid in the water, and they seldom sting.

To learn more about Jellyfish, the Texas State Aquarium has a new exhibit, Tentacles!


Hermit Crabs

We took an early morning walk to watch the sun come up over the bay, and saw so many hermit crabs along our walk!


The Hermit Crabs that live in the water are NOT the same as the crabs that they sell at the pet store, and will die from being out of the water, leaving you with nothing but a VERY BAD SMELL!

Things To Do In Corpus Christi


Watch the Houston Astros minor league team, the Corpus Christi Hooks play at Whataburger Field!  Click HERE to read more!

The Texas State Aquarium is a world-class aquarium with amazing exhibits and activities for the entire family!

North Beach 

Corpus Christi

 Click HERE to visit their website.    

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