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Admit it, you secretly want to be Ironman.  It’s okay, so do I.  We all want to know what it’s like to fly!  You may not be able to get an Ironman suit, but a Flyboard is definitely the next best thing, and Fly Lake Austin definitely made me believe I’m a superhero!

Once you’re out on the lake, hovering above it, you’ll understand why Tony Stark is such a ego-maniac!  It’s thrilling to see the shore lined with spectators watching you, and the boats on the lake all slow down to watch you, too!

And even if I can’t really fly, my kids think I’m pretty super just for taking them on this incredible adventure!

A huge THANK YOU to Fly Lake Austin and Ed, for inviting us out to try flyboarding! We cannot say enough good things about this experience, and having Ed as an instructor!  I was not financially compensated for this review, and of course, all opinions are my own!


Know Before You Go

Yes, you’ll need to sign a waiver.

Fly Lake Austin provides lifejackets, but your child will need to bring their own, that fits them properly.

Riders must wear a wakeboard helmet.

Have a Go-Pro?  Bring it, but be sure you have a floaty!  Their helmet even has an attachment for it!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

I brought watershoes, but since your feet fit inside the boots they weren’t necessary, except for my 8-year-old, who needed them to make his little foot fit a little better.



My daughter immediately volunteered to go first!  Our instructor, Ed, who also owns Fly Lake Austin, patiently explained to us how everything worked before she got in the water.


The board is attached to your feet, similar to a wakeboard, however, it’s then attached to a long hose that is attached to the jetski.  It was much lighter than I thought it would be, and easy to manuever when you’re in the water.


I felt very comfortable sending her out with Ed, who has been doing this for 4 years on the lake!  The jetski operator is responsible for making sure the hose doesn’t kink, that you don’t fly to close to them, and for regulating the water flow!  You want someone who is going to be paying attention to this all the time, as well as the lake traffic around you!  He was terrific, and as a father himself, I felt confident he was watching out for my kids!


Once she had the Flyboard on her feet, she was ready!  You need to head out into the lake a little, and getting there is even fun!  Laying flat in the water, with your chest up, the board propels you along like Superman!


Once they were out, she was up in a matter of minutes!  I really couldn’t believe how quickly she was standing on water!


Of course, she fell a few times, too!  Our big question on the ride there was, “Does it hurt when you fall?”.  That wasn’t our experience.  Again, it’s because of the jetski operator.  He knows when you’re about to fall, and can lower you down.  During our pre-flight talk, he discussed techniques for how to fall, too!


Soon, she was up and having a blast!

Photo Tip:

Bring a camera that can zoom in out on the lake.  I wanted to use pics from my phone’s camera to post to Instagram, but they were just too far away!




Next, my 16-year-old went.  Again, I was surprised just how quickly he was up and hovering over the water!  After about 25 minutes of flying around the lake, he said he was exhausted!


Now it was my 8-year-old’s turn!  Before going out, I double checked that his life jacket was properly secured.  Click HERE to watch a really good, short video on Youtube on how to properly fit and test a life jacket for a child.


My husband rode out with our son, just in case.  It was a little harder for him, simply because the water really pushes on your legs, and you must keep them straight to be able to get out of the water!  Ed was really patient, explaining to him what he needed to do!


It only took him a couple of tries before he was up!


Did he LOVE it??? Absolutely!!


My husband went straight up, confirming to our 14 year-old-daughter that we aren’t THAT old!  I asked him to try a flip, but I think that might be an advanced class!


Just to prove that ABSOLUTELY anyone can do this, I went last.  My hubby and kids are the adrenaline-addicts, while I’m usually just happy to tag along and take pictures.  However, I just couldn’t pass this up, no matter how many good excuses I came up with in my head!


It was amazing!  I was SCARED to death, but it was AMAZING!  It only took a couple tries before I actually listened to Ed, pointed my toes down on the board and presto! I was up over the water, looking down!  Did my family take pictures?  No, not really.

But I know that, if even just for a few seconds, I was flying like IronMan, and that’s an incredible feeling!



The fun wasn’t over yet, we were ready to take out the Jetovator!  It’s like one of the Jumpspeeders from Star Wars, and they absolutely LOVED it!

The Jetovator goes around the lake at about 25 miles an hour, and you’re in control of where you go, while still being attached to the jet ski via a long hose!


Jetovators are heavier than the flyboards, and because they go faster, Ed doesn’t recommend them for anyone under 18.  Easier to get on and go, my daughter affirmed it was her favorite!

Make a Day of It! 

We came to have fun, on and off the flyboard!  Since only one person goes out at a time, we brought chairs, a blanket, an ice chest filled with cold water and a picnic lunch, and a few water toys, like bazooka water guns and floats for playing in the water!



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Fly Lake Austin 

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