Berry Springs Park and Preserve, Georgetown

Berry Springs Park and Preserve in Georgetown is a perfect place to picnic, play and relax among the rows and rows of mature pecan trees that grow here!  Pack a picnic lunch, come early for a morning walk, feed the donkeys or enjoy a fall afternoon of pecan gathering in this mature pecan orchard!


Know Before You Go

Open 7am – 10pm.

Park is FREE.

Picnic tables have grills.

Playing in the Park 

There is plenty of open spaces to run and play tag among the big pecan trees in the park!  My kids love zombie tag, a version of the original game where once someone is tagged, they become a zombie until everyone has been transformed into brain-hungry creatures!  Today’s Parent has a list of other fun versions of the classic game, and their’s are much less likely to cause nightmares!  Click HERE to visit their site.

History of the Park

The land was once owned by John Berry, a Texas settler who in 1846 built a gristmill on the springs that run through the land and are named for him.  Berry’s great-grandson was  Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in American history, and a movie star.  The Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum in Greenville is an interesting place to learn more about this Texas-born hero!  Click HERE to visit their website.




There is a 2.5 mile hike and bike dirt trail that loops through the park.  One of the perks of camping at the park was that we were able to get on the trail as soon as the sun was up!  We spotted many deer, and even a very young little fawn with her mother!

Once the park gate opened at 7am Sunday morning, riders and runners began showing up, including a local running club.



My 8-year-old was thrilled to have time to play on the playground


The highlight of the park was petting the two donkeys that call Berry Springs Park home!


People keep telling me that you can’t do EVERYTHING, and it seems that they may be right, because we just didn’t get to fish at all.  We did take a rest after the trail and watch others fishing, which was at least relaxing!  It’s all catch and release, and there was a lot of vegetation in the water by the fishing dock, which fish love but isn’t great for young anglers.  Walk around to the opposite side, where it’s more open.  Remember that fishing laws still apply with catch and release, and a fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 16.



We spent an incredibly peaceful night under the huge pecan trees, and I loved having the entire park to ourselves!  Once the gate was locked at 10pm (we were given a gate code in case we needed to leave), we were able to take a moonlit walk around the park, and just enjoy the sound of the frogsFirewood was sold on site, on the honor system.

I made my reservation by calling 512-943-1920.

Pecan Season 

If you’re camping during the fall when the pecans are ripe, come prepared to let the kids collect the pecans, and make a dutch oven campfire pecan pie!  Here’s a fun recipe from Love The Outdoors!  You’ll need to scroll down through lots of other yummy campfire recipes to find it, but I don’t think you’ll mind!  Click HERE to visit their site.

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Berry Springs Park and Preserve

1801 Co Rd 152, Georgetown

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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