National Videogame Museum, Frisco

My teenage son’s summer could not have started off any better!  Our first summer excursion was to Frisco to the new National Videogame Museum!  The museum is about as hands-on and interactive as you can get, with many, many games to play and almost as many different systems, from the recesses of a video vault!  The museum also features the history of the video game industry, a must-see for all gaming enthusiast!

A huge THANK YOU to the National Videogame Museum for inviting us out, and providing complementary admission!  I was not financially compensated for my visit, and as always, all opinions are my own!

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Know Before You Go

FREE Parking

Credit Cards are accepted.

Closed on Mondays.

Outside food and drinks are not allowed.  There are picnic tables near the entrance to the Discovery Center.

The length of your visit is going to depend on you and your child.  We were there FOUR hours, and didn’t play 1/4 of all the games on display (not including those in the Arcade)!  While some families were in and out in less time, others who were there when we arrived were still there when we left.

While all the games in the museum are free to play, those in the attached arcade cost a quarter apiece.

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A life-sizeish Mario greets you as you enter, letting you know this place is going to be fun!

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In a giant ode to the game that started it all, you can play this much larger version of Pong to your hearts content!  I spent the majority of my time here, playing anyone who dared to challenge me.  Pong is my game!

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A row of gaming consoles line one wall of the museum.

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Easter Eggs

Just as video game designers hide “Easter Eggs” in their games, the museum has Easter Eggs hidden throughout.  It’s a race against the clock to find them all, and just like an arcade game, winners initials are displayed on their leaderboard!

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In the world of video games, this is the Holy Grail.  Atari’s ET game is regarded as the game that destroyed the 1980’s video game industry.  Thousands of cartridges of the game were rumored to be buried in a landfill in New Mexico in 1983, during a mock funeral for Atari, which went out of business that year.  However, in 2013, 30 years later, the games were unearthed, proving to urban legend to be true!

Atari:Game Over is a documentary about the whole story, and is showing on Netflix.

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A very old Apple Computer.  Compared to an iphone, they certainly have come a long way!

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Worth the price of admission alone, the chance to sit in an authentic 1980’s living room and play Frogger on a console television.  It’s doesn’t get any more authentic than this!  It’s hideously wonderful.  I’m pretty sure there’s New Coke in the glass on the coffee table, too.  You can almost smell the steak-ums.

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I don’t know how they did it, but I promise this is Bobby’s bedroom, the boy who lived across the street from me when I was growing up!  How authentic is it?  Just check out what’s “hidden” under the bed when you visit!

Oh, what game are they playing? Duck Hunt, of course!

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Even the wall paint will take you back, but thankfully the modern restrooms don’t have those horrible, furry toilet seat covers on them!  Do you know that some stores still sell those?  REALLY?  People who buy those couldn’t possibly have boys!

Have little ones?  No diaper changing area in this restroom, but there is one in the lobby.


In the Arcade, you’ll find such classics as Donkey Kong and Galaga, among many others!  Games in the arcade cost a quarter.  That’s pretty retro, too!

cimg0002[1]Frisco Discovery Center

The NVM is housed inside the Frisco Discovery Center, which is also home to the Sci-Tech Museum.  You could spend a VERY full day by visiting them both!  Best part is that they both allow in and out privileges! Click HERE to read more about the Sci-Tech Museum!


Things To Do in Frisco


After our visit, we headed to watch the Frisco Rough Riders at Dr Pepper Stadium, the Texas Rangers AA Minor League Team.  Click HERE for more information.

The Museum of the American Railroad, once in Fair Park, has moved to Frisco!  Click HERE to visit their website.


We had a terrific dinner at 5th Street Patio Cafe at 8621 5th St, near Frisco Square.

The Frisco Snow Cone Lady is a treasured tradition for us!  Click HERE to visit her facebook page!


Embassy Suites has a small, but nice indoor pool!  Click HERE to visit their website.

National Videogame Museum  

8004 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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