Sci-Tech Discovery Center, Frisco

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco isn’t a traditional museum, but rather a large room filled with interactive exhibits focused on math, science and technology!  It’s great for kids that are willing to spend time building something!  I like it because I can either sit down and build with them, or sit on one of the many benches and read or catch up on work while they entertain themselves!

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Know Before You Go

My older children, 13 and 15, were able to sit, build and play, too!  I’m not a fan of places that have age limitations on learning.

Free Parking

No dining options at Sci-Tech, but you can come and go with your wrist bracelet, and there are lots of dining options in cute downtown Frisco or pack a lunch to eat at the park.

Restrooms are located in the main hall of the Discovery Center, which is also home to the Frisco Art Gallery, Black Box Theatre and Frisco Youth Theater.  Check their schedule to see if you can fit in a show during your visit! Click HERE to visit their website.

Sci-Tech does host field trips during the school year, and camps during the summer.

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Pogo Pass

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Small Blocks

Sci-Tech has lots of small blocks for building!  There’s even a Lego table for building cars and racing them, usually one of my 7 year-olds favorites, but in the 4 hours we were there, he just didn’t have time!  Seating at tables assures everyone has plenty of building space and blocks.


Teva Blocks

Teva Blocks are one of my favorite toys!  It’s amazing the things that can be built with them, and they are simple!  They are also on the expensive side, so we don’t own any but love visiting places that have lots of them!


Interactive Exhibits

While all of the building stations are child-ready, some of the others will need you to explain to younger children, such as Bodies in Balance and Nano, a nanoscience exhibit that is also hands-on and fun!


Bubble Tables

The Yellow Tang fish from Finding Nemo’s favorite exhibit… Bubbles!


Imagination Playground

My kids LOVE these big, blue foam blocks!  They built for hours, 2.5 of them in fact!  Everything from horses they could ride for a joust, to a fort, mini-golf course and a jail!  Of course, after it was built, they enjoyed knocking down the soft blocks!


Amazing Butterflies

Sci-Tech also has temporary exhibits, like the current Amazing Butterflies!


Walk the life cycle of a butterfly through a maze, where different choices, such as what you eat after hatching, lead you down different paths of a butterflies life.  You learn about how caterpillars walk with so many legs, where they sleep and much more!


Good choices will lead you to crawl in your very own crystalis, where you can await turning into a butterfly!


Of course, bad choices have scary outcomes!  Birds are always looking for a fat little caterpillar lunch!


If you can avoid being caught in a sticky situation, then the butterflies can even learn to “fly away”!

We really enjoyed this exhibit, with countless different scenarios!  It’s for a limited time, so check with the Sci-Tech Discovery Center before visiting!

National Video Game Museum 

Located in the Discovery Center, the National Video Game Museum opened April, 2016, and is a gamers paradise!  Click HERE to read more!


Things To Do in Frisco


Cheer for the Frisco Rough Riders, the Texas Rangers AA affiliate, at Dr. Pepper Ballpark!  Click HERE to read more!


A summer tradition in Frisco is a visit to The Snow Cone Lady, who has been selling snow cones at the same location for 33 years!  No credit cards accepted, and prepare for long lines, although she now has a shaded area for the lines!  Located near the Sci-Tech Discovery Center at 8760 John W. Elliott Dr. Frisco.

Sci-Tech Discovery Center

8007 North Dallas Parkway, Frisco

Click HERE to visit their website. 

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