Lake Arrowhead State Park,Wichita Falls

Spring in Texas has been wet for the past two years, and the Texas Monsoon season rained out our plans of camping at Lake Arrowhead State Park, flooding all the campsites!  We were still able to spend a fun day at the park, swimming in Lake Arrowhead, hiking and watching the cutest rodents ever, little prairie dogs!

Know Before You Go

Campsites fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays!


The campsite closures didn’t keep the park from being filled with people eager to cool off on the warm May day!  We arrived EARLY so we were sure to get a good site.

Each table had a grill, too!  We had brought along an ice chest with enough meat to feed the park, but I was taking the better safe than sorry route.  It’s a long way to the closest store from Lake Arrowhead, and nothing ruins a day at the lake like teenagers, and a husband, whining that they are hungry!

Before using a park grill, I try to clean it off as best as possible with a grill brush, then “sanitizing by fire”.  After reading about the possible effects of aluminum foil “leaching” into foods when cooking, I’m really trying to avoid it as much as possible.  Here’s a good write-up on it from Traditional Cooking School, click HERE to read it.


Lake Arrowhead has great fishing, and they hold an annual kids fishing tournament the first weekend in June!

The pier is free to fish on (with park admission), and lighted at night.

While in a state park, a fishing license is not required on the pier or banks.  Fishing from a boat still requires a license.

The Park participates in the Tackle Loaner program, and has all the equipment you need for a fun day of fishing with your kids!


Prairie Dog Town

While some of the cutest prairie dogs were just feet from our little day camp on the swim beach, we also drove over to visit the Prairie Dog Town!  We saw hundreds of little prairie dogs, and could hear them calling out their warnings to one another as we approached!


These young little “pups” were very curious, and played outside their burrow, but always keeping ready to dash back inside in case of danger!


Disc Golf

Here’s something you don’t see at every state park, a disc golf course!  The park even loans out disc!

Junior Ranger Program

My youngest two love the Junior Ranger Program, which gives them a list of achievements to complete before they can earn their Junior Ranger badge!  Click HERE to learn more about it!

Things To Do in Wichita Falls


Riverbend Nature Center has an interpretive center and trails.  Click HERE for more information.

Beat the heat at Castaway Cove Waterpark!  Click HERE for more information.

Bring your bikes for a fun ride along the Wee Chi Ta Off-Road Trail, voted the best urban bike trail in the state!  Click HERE to read more!


Grab a legendary burger at Gene’s Tasty Burger at 2310 Holiday Rd., and don’t forget to take the required selfie in front of the neon ice cream cone!

Lake Arrowhead State Park  

229 Park Road 63, Wichita Falls

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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