Blueberry Hill Farm, Edom

On our way home from Tyler, we made a stop in the tiny little town of Edom at Blueberry Hill Farms!  It’s a pick-your-own farm, meaning you can grab a basket and head out into the fields to pick the berries right off the vines!  In late May, the blueberries and blackberries were just beginning to ripen, and we were all hungry for a cobbler!


Know Before You Go

It’s rural, so wear close-toed shoes.

They accept cash and credit cards.

There are restrooms on site.  Bring some water, as picking gets hot.

Don’t forget sunscreen.

No pets.


It just takes a minute to show kids which berries are ripe and which aren’t.  It’s a stead-fast rule at Pick-Your-Own Farms that you don’t eat the berries until they are paid for, however with kids it’s all about instant gratification!  Let them taste a couple on the vine, hands-on learning which ones taste best!  They’ll eagerly pick more when they like them!  Just tell them inside that you taste-tested a few, they understand that berries are better right off the vine!


We had so much fun picking the berries, and so did a little bunny we came upon while in the field!  He was busy eating, too, and wasn’t in much of a hurry to leave, so we just all picked together for a few minutes.


The Store

Once we had our baskets full, we headed inside to the store, full of all things berry-related!  They have tons of canning products, and our very favorite was the FROG jam, made with figs, raspberries, orange and ginger!

We also purchased some of their blueberry lemonade, and let me tell you, it’s was worth the trip by itself!  We loved it so much that bought 2nds, and were a little sad they didn’t sell it by the gallon.  They also have a bakery, with lots of berry-inspired sweets!

Things to do in Edom


The Old Firehouse is an art gallery which also shows independent films.  Click HERE to visit their website.


Edom has grown into something of an artsy town, and you’ll find great shopping here. Don’t leave town without a stop to Blue Moon Gardens!  Click HERE for more information!


The Shed fills you up with great food, and often local music, too.  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


The lure of Edom’s one-stoplight has been answered with several lodging options, and luckily a few of these are family-friendly!  Check out Dragonhead Retreat’s Lodge, sitting on a ridge with a view! Click HERE to visit their website.

Blueberry Hill Farms

10268 FM 314, Edom

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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