Texas and Pacific Railroad Terminal, Fort Worth

I felt like the Spanish Explorer Cortes the day I discovered the Texas and Pacific Railroad Terminal sparkling in the sun like a city of gold, and while I don’t think I brought disease and pestilence to the 1930’s railroad terminal as Cortes did to the Aztecs of Mexico, I did bring kids so there is that chance.  We were spending the day riding the Trinity Railway Express commuter train, that runs from Dallas to Fort Worth, and exploring the stations.  The Fort Worth Intermodal Station had been our last stop, where we met people traveling on Amtrak to different parts of the county via rail, and we were feeling pretty lightheaded about the possibilities!  I wasn’t expecting much from this quiet, old station, but we had about an hour to kill and the conductor told us there was a grill on the street level.  We returned the next day with my husband to show him our “discovery”, and while I think you have to ride in on a train to get the full experience of this old station, it’s worth driving there by car as well just to see the building!  Then enjoy a ride on the train just or downtown Fort Worth lays only steps away; the Fort Worth Water Gardens are a short walk from the T & P Terminal, as is the Fort Worth Convention Center and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  Sundance Square is under a mile, a brisk walk on a nice day!  So channel your inner Conquistador and plan your visit!


Know Before You Go

Purchase your train ticket using the FREE GoPass App, it’s SO much easier than using their ticket kiosk!  Click HERE for the link.

TRE does not run on Sundays.

Free Parking


We loved this visual art in the outdoor waiting area!

12651227_10208364677940075_3344679241702276219_n[1]According to TRE, the main and women’s waiting area was remodeled in 1999, and is now available as a private event venue for special events such as weddings and parties!  I want to have a party here!  The ceiling work, with metal-inlaid panel ceiling is amazing!  For more information, click HERE.


The outdoor waiting area at night, the tracks are elevated and can be seen at the top.


Picnic tables outside the T & P Grill were busy during both our visits, with people talking and dining.  There were plenty of dogs here, too, most which live in the T & P Lofts.


We had time to get a few pictures by the TRE.  Freight trains use the other tracks at T & P, and come through all day and night, so keep young children close and never allow them to play or pose for pictures on the tracks!


T & P Tavern 

The T & P Tavern resides in the historic Towers Diner, where Elvis once dined, and inspired their famous peanut butter-banana-bacon martini!   They now serve food and local craft beer.  They also sell T & P merchandise.  The Grill also has the original metal inlaid ceiling and art deco chevron zig-zags, and the counter which once served sandwiches now looks more appropriate with drinks and munchies!  Click HERE to visit their website.


The only tickets now sold and the T & P are at the ticket kiosk on the platforms, but the original signs are still there, reminding of what once was!


Bicycle facilities are located at many of the TRE stations, and bikes are allowed on the trains.

The T & P Lofts have been renovated in the historic Texas and Pacific offices, and prices starting in the $200,000’s.  Click HERE to read more.


More To Do in Downtown Fort Worth

Relax by the tranquil Quiet Pool, or hear the rush of water at the Fort Worth Gardens Active Pool.  Click HERE to read more.

Sundance Square is just a short walk up Main Street, with plenty of shops, restaurants and history along the way.  Click HERE to read more.

Texas and Pacific Railroad Terminal 

221 West Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.  

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