West End Historical District, Dallas

When I moved to Dallas in 1990, West End was the place to be, but the mall and cinema are now closed, as are many of the restaurants.  However, the museums and old restaurants are still there, and it can be a wonderful place to explore on a sunny day!


Know Before You Go

Check their schedules, many of the museums are closed on Mondays.


Dallas Holocaust Museum

The Core Exhibit explores one day—April 19, 1943—during the Holocaust
when three important events occurred.  Click HERE for more information.

12743985_10208479040759074_4925662728619817157_n[1]Old Red Museum

Once known as the Old Red Courthouse, the Old Red Museum is filled with the history of Dallas County, including the infamous hanging tree!  Click HERE to visit their website.

12670262_10208420267169771_6223242190162447893_n[1]Sixth Floor Museum

Learn details of the Kennedy Assassination at this museum in the Old School Book Depository where the fatal shots were fired.  Or were they?  Click HERE for more information.

cimg08421[3]Dallas World Aquarium

Instead of destroying the old vacant warehouses in the West End where the DWA planned to build their new aquarium 1992, they renovated the buildings to create a completely unique space, although it’s difficult to notice the architecture because you’re too busy eyeing the sharks swimming over your head!  Click HERE to read more.


Sadly, a city as large as Dallas doesn’t have a ghost tour any longer, and I’m a sucker for a good ghost tour.  But there are several good tours, but you probably won’t see any ghost.

Big D Fun Tours take you around Dallas on an old trolley car, how fun it that!  Click HERE for their website.

Dallas Segway Tours

Circle G Carriages


Wild Bill’s Western Store has everything to cover you from Cowboy Hat to Custon Boots, and it’s my favorite place to buy Minnetonka moccasins!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Kokopelli Candy on Market St. has a huge selection of candy, and has delighting Dallas taste buds for 20 years in the same location!


Dealy Plaza  Even if you don’t have plans to visit the Sixth Floor Museum, you can still take a walk through Dealy Plaza.  Fountains, statues and a big grass hill.  Walk to Elm Street to see the X in the road where Kennedy was shot.  While your standing there, tell your social media friends to see you on EarthCam’s Live Stream from the Sixth Floor, then start waving!  Click HERE to visit their site.


There are several fun geocaches in Dallas’ West End, including some night-time ones, so add a little extra time to your trip to find them!  Don’t know about geocaching?  Check it out at geocaching.com.


There are several pay parking lots on the west side of the West End.  There is not any FREE parking in downtown, go figure.

Trinity Railway Express

Ride into the West End from either the DART Rail or the Trinity Railway Express from Fort Worth.  From Union Station, it’s just a short walk to the West End. Click HERE to read more.

Things To Do in Dallas 


The Dallas Hilton Anatole has an all-new waterpark opening Summer 2016!  Click HERE for more information!

West End Historical District  

  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.  

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