Larken Farms, Waxahachie

This morning, my kids and I headed out to Waxahachie to visit Larken Farms, a you-pick peach orchard and farm, and had a great time!  The owners, Laura and Ken, whose combined names are the farm’s namesake,  were extremely friendly and helpful as we filled up bags with the fresh produce!  My youngest loved it, even offering to stay and help pull weeds!

Please check out My Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit, and leave a few peaches for us!


Know Before You Go

Larken Farms, like all you pick farms, is only open when they have produce ripe to pick. Be sure and like their facebook page for times and dates, and call before you visit.

Larken Farms isn’t “certified organic”, because as it was explained to me, they didn’t want to deal with the paperwork, but everything is chemical-free.

During warmer months, be sure to visit early in the day, and bring plenty of cold water to drink!

Wear close-toed shoes while walking around in the orchard.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before coming.

Make a potty stop before you get to the farm.



Oh, the incredible peaches!  When we first arrived, Ken’s sister Victoria handed me a cling-free peach and told me to lean forward to eat it.  I wasn’t sure at first, but I was so glad I heeded her advice when on my first bite peach juice ran from my mouth and down my chin!  I couldn’t believe how sweet it was!  And no, I didn’t stop to clean my chin until the peach was all gone!


We headed out to pick some peaches, of which most were still a few weeks away from harvest.  The trees were filled with peaches, which are kept cut low so that little ones can pick them, too!  Victoria showed us how to pick the peach, but gently turning it in the palm of our hand instead of squeezing and possibly bruising it.


These little angels were out picking, too, and were happy to let me take their picture!



These little Santa Rosa plums are wonderful!  They are small enough to just pop the entire thing in your mouth, and incredibly sweet!  They do still have a pit, so be careful with little ones!  I had visions of making jelly with them when we got home, but I really ate our entire bag before we were even back on the highway!



My son picked out this huge 9 lb. cabbage from the cabbage patch!  The cabbage stalk has to be cut with a knife, but he enjoyed picking it out, and is ready to eat it!  Now, I need a lot of recipes!

Tell your kids the “Cabbage Patch Story” of babies being found in a cabbage patch!  I thought about it while we were there, and realized my kids had never heard that story!  When we got home, I even showed them a picture of my old Cabbage Patch Doll!


Potatoes and Onions

I love that Larken Farms also lets kids dig potatoes and onions from the ground when in season, giving them a chance to see how they grow!  Once it starts getting too hot, they have to dig them out themselves and sell them!


By the Pound

My youngest enjoyed weighing his plums and especially his cabbage!  All produce at Larken Farms is sold by weight.



The horses aren’t really part of the you-pick farm experience, but they do live on the farm and it was terrific to get to say hello to them!  Victoria led us over, and the kids were even allowed to give them a peach to eat!  It was fun watching as they spit out the seeds!

Larken Farm Trivia

The property owned by Larken Farms was once part of the land purchased for the Superconducting Super Collider which was to be built in the early 1990’s in Ellis County.  The project was cancelled in 1993, but not until over 2 billion dollars were spent on the construction of 14 miles of massive, deep underground tunnels.

Things To Do in Waxahachie


Maddogz Paintball is a fun, family-friendly venue to get a little dirty!  Click HERE to read more!


After an early morning visit to the farm, head out to Downtown Waxahachie,  the Ellis County seat.  It has a beautiful courthouse and historic square filled with shops, antiques and boutiques!

Larken Farms

Greathouse Rd, Waxahachie

(972) 938-7150

Click HERE to visit their facebook page!   

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