Oakmont Linear Park Trail, Fort Worth

Oakmont Linear Park Trail is part of the Trinity Trails, which has over 70 miles of hiking and cycling trails along the Trinity River in Fort Worth.  Oakmont is the southern most part of the trail.  The highlight of the trail is the waterfall located about 3 miles from the trailhead!

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Know Before You Go

There is a port-a-potty at the trailhead at Pecan Valley Park, and a water fountain, too.


The Trail

The trail is wide in most places, with some gentle slopes along the way, and for most cyclist it’s an easy ride.

RIMG0006 Much of the trail is heavily shaded, but some places are sunny, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

I love the beautiful Indian Blankets that lined one side of the trail during our June ride.  Fantastic! RIMG0012


Keep your eyes open for the abundant wildlife along the trail!  We spotted several lizards, squirrels, bunnies and even a tarantula.  I love that there are bat houses along the trail, too!


Oakmont Park

There is a connecting trail to Oakmont Park.  At Oakmont Park you will find a playground, picnic tables and a port-a-potty at the parking lot.

Oakmont Park is a good place to park for a shorter walk/ride to the waterfall on the Trinity River.

Oakmont Park is located at 7000 Bellaire Dr. Fort Worth.


The Falls

While the Clear Fork of the Trinity River almost always has water, it seldom has THIS much water!  The recent flooding and water being released from Benbrook Lake has created a beautiful, rushing river!


It’s a great photo-op, but it won’t last long!  10665940_951158524904347_5620949066541526142_n[1]

The water is running VERY fast!  It’s not a place to swim or even try to wade!  Be careful!


During our visit, we met Pat, who was paddling the river in his kayak.  He put in just below the Benbrook Dam, and we watched as he portaged around the waterfall to continue his trip!


There are several geocaches hidden along the Oakmont Linear Park Trail, and in Oakmont Park.  Several are part of the Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure going on Summer 2015!  Click HERE to learn more about the it!

If you have never geocached, click HERE to visit geocaching.com to learn more about this fun family activity!  My family just loves it

Things To Do in Fort Worth


Benbrook Stables offers horseback trail rides and even arena rides for younger cowpokes!  Click HERE to visit their website.


3 Parrots Taco Shop.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Oakmont Linear Park Trail

Art CowanTrailhead Memorial Oaks Dr., Fort Worth

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