Maddogz Paintball Park, Waxahachie


We are all about family activities.

Family bonding experiences.

And, sometimes, the dirtier those experiences get us, the better.

Because I think that dirt and sweat may just be the glue that holds our family together.

Paintball does not disappoint.

Maddogz Paintball Park in Waxahachie

Know Before You Go 

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This was our first time to play as a family.  So if you are a newbie to the world of paintball, this post is for you!

Maddogz (and most paintball parks) provide EVERYTHING you need.  You just show up, register and they explain it all to you!

What to wear: 

You don’t need to buy/wear special clothing.  Camo or tan clothing blends in best with the terrain.  My son wore a yellow shirt, which was a big mistake.  I could see him no matter where he was standing, even when I couldn’t spot anyone else.  You want to wear shoes that are lightweight and easy to run in, but nothing with bright or bold colors.

My Mommy Tip:

  • Even if all you plan to do is watch the kids play, be prepared to get a little dirt on you.  Wear closed toed shoes, and ones you don’t mind getting paint on, bottom and sides.  Paintballs are everywhere!  Dirt and Paint rule here!

How to Play:

A referee was appointed to us, to assist us in playing, answer questions, help with guns, etc. and referee the games.  We were put up against another family who was there for the day.  One of their boys had just joined the military, and was leaving for training the next week.  They all got together to spend the day playing as a family.  I thought that was such a neat thing to do.  Even the grandparents were there, and although they didn’t play, they had a great time watching!


Maddogz has 6 different courses that we rotated through.  Each course offers something a little different than the other.  One is played in the woods, another has large tires scattered about.  My kid’s favorite was the course filled with old cars to hide behind.  They also liked the Speedball course, which was very open, meaning you had to run alot!

The question everyone asked me before we went was about getting hurt.  Everyone wears a helmet, and the parks offer pads.  The paintballs DO sting for a minute when you are hit, and can leave a little round bruise.  But even my daughter, who has a very LOW tolerance of pain, would scream when hit, then just walk it off.  Plus, she loves having a few “war wounds” to show off for a couple of days!


Each round last about 10 minutes.  After each round, the players have a few minutes to come back to their tables, get a drink and reload.

We played for four hours, with a short break time for lunch.  Maddogz sells drinks, and the day we were there they had a guy with a grill, selling burgers, etc.

My Mommy Tip:

  • As soon as you get there, find a table closest to the entrance to the fields.  This will be your home base.
  • Pack an ice chest with water and gatorades.  Bring foods that you can grab and go, like cut up fruits.  Nothing heavy.   Bring a tablecloth and hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes, since there isn’t time to run to the restroom between each round.  They offer use of a refrigerator for birthday cakes, etc., too!

Maddogz paintball guns are for kids 10 and older.  My 11 year old daughter had no problem handling her gun.  For younger children, they offer a smaller gun, that uses a smaller ball and travels at a slower speed.  These guns must be “cocked”, and the kid must be able to cock it on the run.  Also, you want them playing with kids their own age, not against others with the more powerful guns.  This is a great idea for a birthday party!!  The table next to us was filled with 15 happy ten year olds who were there for a party.  They all used the smaller guns and loved them!


Maddogz does have a play space for parties, with a small playground and a rock climbing wall.  Since our five year old wasn’t able to participate in the paintball, I bought him a few climbs on the rock wall.  They were only $2 each, which I thought was great!

Nickels and Dimes: 

One of the things that I’m always leary of is those unexpected cost at a new place.  Other than the rock climbing wall and buying my 13 year old a shirt, we didn’t have any other expenses I wasn’t expecting.

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Maddogz Paintball   

2217 Patrick Rd, Waxahachie

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