Veterans Park Disc Golf Course, Arlington

Our family started playing Disc Golf last year, and in that time we’ve played several different courses, but Veterans Park Disc Golf Course in Arlington is really an amazing course!  Drastic elevation changes make for a challenging and exciting course, as well as absolutely beautiful!  Although we’ve visited the playground and bike trail before, you don’t see the incredible views except from the course, and we never knew they were there.

If you are a beginner, Disc Golf is an incredibly easy game to start playing, with very little upfront cost and all the courses are FREE!  You can purchase a flying disc for under $10 at any sporting goods store, and it’s a great family activity!

Check out My Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit!

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1. Know Before You Go

You should always wear close-toed shoes when playing disc golf, but you especially need a good pair of shoes with a grip on the bottom.

Use a good mosquito spray or essential oil.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and plenty of water!  We throw everything in a backpack to carry around with us.

We aren’t the fastest players, so we always let faster players play around us.  I’ve never met a player who was frustrated about this.  Most disc golfers are just thrilled to see younger kids out and learning to play, and more than happy to give out a few pointers as well!

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Parking for the Disc Golf Course is on Spanish Trail.  From Arkansas Lane, you want to pass the first parking lot near the Memorial and the playground, and head south to the second parking lot.  The first hole is right off the parking lot.

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The Arlington Disc Golf Association holds tournaments at Veterans Park each Sunday at 10:00am, and each Wednesday at 6pm.  However, the park is never closed or reserved, and anyone can play anytime.  If you are interested in more information about Arlington Disc Golf Association, click HERE to visit their website.

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The trees and heavy vegetation are beautiful, but hard to find a disc when it gets lost in it.  I love my bright pink disc, which is easier to spot.

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The dramatic elevation changes at Veterans Park remind you more of the Texas Hill Country than North Texas, and it makes for really exciting holes!  The 4th pole hole starts at the top of a ravine, and if you throw like my husband, your disc will sail high above the treetops.  He lost that disc.  I tell my kids to throw low and straight throughout the whole course at Veterans.

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As soon as you get use to climbing up and down the hill, avoiding the cactus and rocky ledges, you walk past Rush Creek to this!  We loved the diversity of the course!

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However, the most unique hole has to be #8, where broken glass from hundreds of bottles litters the ground and sparkles like crystals in the sun!  I’m not sure why or how this tradition began, because it’s the ONLY place in the entire park like this!

We use the FREE Disc Caddy – Disc Golf app for keeping track of scores, etc.  My oldest son and husband compete with each other, while my daughter and I are more evenly matched players.  My youngest just likes to be outside and throw his frisbee!

Veterans Park gets it’s name from the Memorial near the playground of those from the community who have fallen in duty to our country.  At 103 acres, the park also offers a playground, garden, pavillion, walking trail and even an equestrian trail.

There are also geocaches hidden all over the park, but that’s another adventure for another day!

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Veterans Park Disc Golf Course


Click HERE to visit the Naturally Fun website for Veterans Park. 

Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun!


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