Historic Downtown Mansfield, Mansfield

Historic Downtown Mansfield doesn’t have the iconic courthouse square, but there are plenty of cute shops and restaurants that straddle Main Street.  Only after you stop the car and walk around can you really appreciate both the history and the ambiance that make this a great place to visit!

We headed downtown after hearing about Mansfield 30/30, which is a scavenger hunt to find the 30 small murals scattered along the streets that make up Historic Mansfield. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, and get to know a town better that we already call home.

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Know Before You Go

Parking along Main Street is FREE, although it’s sometimes hard to come by on busy days.  There is another parking lot just West of Main St. on Broad.


Mansfield Historical Museum 

Our first stop was to visit the Mansfield Historical Museum to pick up our card for the mural hunt!  The Museum is located at the East corner of Main St. and Broad, and is open from 9-5 Monday – Saturday.  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


The building that houses the Mansfield Historical Museum was built in 1895.

Image courtesy of The Lot
The Lot 

The Lot is an outdoor space for FREE concerts and movies during the year.  Click HERE to visit their website for upcoming events.


Scuba Shop 

Mansfield may not be near the ocean, but they are home to the Scuba Stop.  Just past it we found our first mural.  For more information on the Scuba Shop, click HERE.



There are two kaleidoscopes in Downtown Mansfield, both built by the artist of the murals.


Mansfield 88 Piano Project

We love this colorful piano, located outside of the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce. There are 6 pianos placed around Downtown Mansfield, all just ready for a budding pianist to come play!  Part of the Mansfield 88 Piano Project, they are a public display of interactive art!  Click HERE to visit the Mansfield 88 Piano Project facebook page.


Little Blue Goat

There are several cute stores in Downtown Mansfield, like the Little Blue Goat, owned by the mural artist, Eddie and Mary Phillips.  We stopped in to say hello while searching for the murals, and because my son really likes their candy.  Your kids will, too!


The murals are hidden all over downtown, and some are painted on very unusual things!


We turned and walked up Smith Street, where there were plenty more murals.


There are a few murals in Mansfield that aren’t on the mural hunt!




MaryLou’s Sandwich Shoppe 

Grab a sandwich or terrific cup of soup at MaryLou’s Sandwich Shop.  Click HERE to visit their facebook page!


Steven’s Garden and Grill

Some of the murals lead you down past Swankyville’s cute gifts and home decor, almost to the Mansfield Feed Store.  When you get that far, go ahead and walk to Depot St. and grab a cool drink at Steven’s Garden and Grill on their big patio!  Click HERE to visit their facebook page.


Some of the murals are small.


The Scavenger Hunt Card gives you the name of each mural, but you have to guess which one has what name.  I think this is called Sally Fields Forever.


My little guy is all about hugs, too!


We were able to find all but a couple of the murals before the darkening skies threatened another late Spring storm.  To read more about it, click HERE to visit the Mansfield 30 in 30 facebook page.


The Mellow Mushroom

The most recent addition to Downtown Mansfield is the Mellow Mushroom.  The restaurant has a huge patio, and also offers live music on weekends.

My kids love going to the back of the restaurant and watching as the pizza makers throw the pizza dough in the air!


There is another HUGE kaleidoscope outside the front of the Mellow Mushroom.


The new, and really neat building occupies the space that was once the Julien Mann and Ralph Feild Mill, which founded the town of Mansfield.  To pay homage to it’s location, their original mill stone sits on a rotating pedestal in the restaurant’s lobby.


Downtown Mansfield stays open late one evening each month for Third Thursdays, when there is always something fun happening!

Each March, Mansfield is home to the Annual Pickle Parade, a nod to Best Maid Pickles, the hometown pickle!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Main Street is also lit up in December for the Hometown Holidays Parade.  Click HERE to visit their website.


Historic Downtown Mansfield

Click HERE to visit their website.

Keep Having Fun in the TEXAS Sun! 


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