Unk’s Lake Campground and Swimming Hole, Perrin

Shhhh….. I can’t let my kids know that I am writing this review of Unk’s Lake.  They have begged me not to, because they don’t want word getting out about this fun swimming hole!  Cold, spring fed water is a rare thing in N. Texas, and they want to keep it their little secret.  Of course, the short lines for the diving boards and BLOB are another reason to keep it hush.  So, let’s just keep this between us…

Check out my Mommy Tips for a great visit!  Remember, it’s our little secret.


1.  Visit early, and during the week if possible

What is true for most places is true for Unk’s Lake, visit early and during the week if possible.  The early bird is going to get the best picnic table, and it’s not as crowded during the week.  We visited on a Tuesday, and there was never more than 25 people in the lake, and most of those were local kids.


2.  Pack like you mean it

The little store where you check in sells some basics, but it’s a long drive to the nearest store, so come prepared!  Plenty of food, toys for the kids and gas in the car.

  • My GPS gave me great directions, but it’s down 2 gravel roads, and I lost service on one, so print out a map and directions to take with you.


3.  Cold Spring Fed Water

  • The water in Unk’s Lake is wonderfully cold, spring fed water!  The water is treated in the lake, and a pool dye is added to the water, giving it a turquoise color, although it’s cloudy due to the natural rock and sandy bottom.
  • Water shoes aren’t necessary, but algae does build up on the steps and make it a little slippery.
  • Because it’s chlorinated, there aren’t fish, turtles or squiggly things in the water.
  • Make sure younger children or weaker swimmers wear a life jacket!  The water is DEEP, 22′  in the middle, and it’s not clear.  There are lifeguards, but you are still swimming at your own risk.
  • The spring is diverted each winter, and the lake is drained and the bottom is cleaned.  The bottom of the lake is sand and rock, and there isn’t vegetation growing on the bottom, however it’s still a little squishy is some places. Squishy is good, I’ll take squishy over concrete any day!


4.  The Blob  

Your kids, and you, will love jumping on the giant “blob”, and being launched out into the lake!  The Blob isn’t open all day, especially during the week, which is another reason to come early, or call and check for the schedule.  It is open longer on weekends.

  • You must wear a ski-vest type life jacket on The Blob, and they don’t supply them, so be sure to bring one!


5.  Pack a lunch

  • There are plenty of picnic tables under trees and near the water.  The tables under the trees have grills for cooking out.
  • You can purchase food at the lake store, such as pizzas, etc.
  • Leave glass and alcohol at home, they aren’t allowed.


6.  Bring your sand toys

There is plenty of sandy beach (think lake, not ocean) for playing and building!  Construction trucks work well, too!


7.  More toys

Bring your own volleyball for a fun game!  My kids quickly joined in a game with some of the other kids, and had a great time playing in the cold water.

  • A nerf type football is another fun toy for the lake.



8.  Floats and tubes are welcome!

I go a little crazy buying water toys each spring, always getting the newest HUGE float or Saturn shaped rocking toy!  It’s great to find a place like Unk’s Lake that allows them!  However, it’s BYOT – Bring Your Own Tube.  They don’t rent them.


9.  Miscellaneous Mommy Tips

There is a bath house next to the store where you can change clothes and shower.

New for 2016 – The store does NOT take credit cards

Swim diapers are required in the lake

Here’s the bottom line, if you enjoy swimming at a lake, you will LOVE Unk’s Lake!   If you have never swam in anything but a pool, and I have friends like you, I have a 12 step program for you, too! Just kidding, but visit the Lagoon Activity Pool at Schlitterbahn’s New Braunfels, or Berger’s Lake in Fort Worth, then plan a trip out to Unk’s Lake, bringing an open mind with you!


 10.  Fishing

My son just can’t look at that much water and not want to catch a fish, and Unk’s Lake has a nice little fishing lake for kids like him, stocked with crappie, bass and catfish.  Bring your own bait and tackle.  Catch and release only.


11.  Camping

Turn your daytrip into a weekender!  Unk’s Lake offers RV camping, but NEW for 2016, NO TENT CAMPING.


12.  Enjoy the Drive 

Enjoy the drive!  We spotted these beautiful, domestic turkeys along the road, and they gobbled at us and posed for pictures, until their owner came up.  We chatted a bit and enjoyed watching as they ran down crickets in the road.  We also saw lots of deer out in the fields, and a couple of roadrunners, where else but running down the road!

Unk’s Lake Campground and Swimming Hole  

2479 Elenburg Rd., Perrin

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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