NRH2O Water Park, North Richland Hills

Water is mandatory for surviving a Texas summer, and NRH2O in North Richland Hills does more than just help you survive it, they make it FUN!  It’s a perfect size for a family waterpark, with plenty of rides and activities for older kids, and various play spaces for younger guest.  It’s always clean, comfortable and safe;  NRH2O was awarded the 2013 Platinum International Safety Award by Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Certification Program.  Check out my review and list of 15 Mommy Tips for staying cool and having fun!



1.  Season Passes

Before you pack your cooler or swimsuit for a day at NRH2O, check out their season passes.  The Greatest Value pass is more expensive, but it gives you early entry every day, a souvenir cup with unlimited FREE refills all season, Bring a Buddy for $10 on Mondays , food vouchers and 20% off most purchases.   As always, parking and coolers are FREE!  Click HERE to read more about their passes.

  • Several moms groups meet at NRH2O each Monday and take advantage of the Splash Pass, which gives you access Monday – Thursday.  Children under 2 are FREE.
  • Each January – April, you can pre-purchase your season passes using a payment plan option of 4 equal payments.  You also receive a $5 discount when renewing your pass.
  • Get the discounts of a Greatest Value pass by just purchasing one, then buy standard season passes for the rest of your family, for savings that add up!



2.  Ride the Green Extreme!

Lines for the Green Extreme are ALWAYS long, but this ride is completely WORTH IT!  Not only is it the largest uphill water coaster in the world (you get bragging rights for having ridden it)  but it’s FAST!  Kids 42″ and up can ride.  The line closes about 45 minutes before the park does, so don’t wait until the last minute.

  • My husband and kids are coaster junkies, but I do not like the sensation of falling on rides.  However, this summer I am really trying to be brave and step out of my box more.  I had to force myself to ride the Green Extreme, and almost backed down at the top, but I gathered my courage and in the end, I LOVED IT!  We even rode several times during our visit.


3.  The Endless River

What makes the Endless River unique is an island  in the middle and the “fork” in the river, with 2 different branches, one shorter than the other.  If you have little kids, it also makes it harder to keep up with them.  The water depth varies too, with sudden drop offs to 48″, so be sure and use one of the FREE lifejackets for younger swimmers.  I also like that there is only one entrance and exit to the river.


4.  Beachside Bay

This is a nice pool for swimming without waves or tubes getting in your way!  There is a volleyball court, and you can bring a ball to start up a game, or join in on one.  Another cool feature is their Tech Deck, where you can charge your phone or other electronic devices.

NRH2O does offer FREE wifi to guest in the park.


5. The Accelerator

After having conquered my fear on the Green Extreme, I was ready to grab a mat and ride the Accelerator!  Again, I froze for just a minute before plunging down the slide, but I did it!   Up to 4 riders can race at one time.


6.  The Viper

My husband and older kids loved this ride, which features music.  My 6-year-old couldn’t go because the height requirement is 48″, which I was totally fine with, since there is a 20′ DROP!  This was the only 2 person ride he couldn’t ride, along with 3 single person tube rides that have a 48″ height limit.


7.  NRH2Ocean

We visit A LOT of water parks each summer, and this is my favorite “wave pool”!  It’s not as big as some, or as deep, but the waves are bigger, and if you swim in the middle, you can get hit by waves coming from both directions.  The timing of the waves is a little faster than many parks, too.  It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine you are a the beach. There are FREE tubes, and sometimes a few too many of them if you just enjoying swimming and jumping the waves, like me.


8.  Frogstein’s Splashatory

This is a huge play structure, and there are lots of slides and chutes and pulleys, so that little kids can stay busy here for hours!  It is so big (5 levels) that it’s hard to keep up with younger children, but I like that it is not open to the back, making it easier to be sure they haven’t wandered off to another part of the park.

  • There is not an age limit, so older children can play, too.
  • There are plenty of chairs, covered picnic tables and you can even reserve a Luxury Lounger for relaxing by the water!


9.  Tadpole Swimming Hole

There are plenty of activities here for younger children.  When my youngest was very small, this is where we would always grab chairs and an umbrella so I could entertain him while the older children explored the park with my husband.


10.  Seating

As my children have grown and changed, so have our seating needs at the waterpark.  Since we ALWAYS take advantage of NRH2O allowing us to bring in coolers for FREE, I prefer to sit at a table, because my kids are always eating!  There are plenty of tables all over the park, and not reserved for those purchasing food.

If you are coming ALL DAY, and still have nappers, consider the tree shaded grass seating when you first walk into the park, by the little “creek”.  It’s fun for younger children to play in the water, and just bring a big picnic blanket or two and spread out on the ground for their nap later in the day.


11.  Natural feel to the park

Sure, it’s a waterpark and there is concrete everywhere, but they have also retained plenty of trees and grassy areas, which I LOVE after hours of having the sun glaring back at you from the water and walkways!  Tropical plants have also been planted all over the park, for a nice, island feel.

A little squirrel has made a nice home for himself among the trees in the back of the park, near the group seating area.  He was very friendly, and even took a cracker right out of my hand when I offered it to him.


12.  Food

Coolers are FREE at NRH2O, and we always bring one, but we also can’t pass up some of the yummy treats they offer, like funnel cake and homemade potato chips at Sharkey’s.  To view a full menu, click HERE.

You can avoid standing in a long line by taking advantage of their mobile online ordering at Sharkey’s.  Just place an order on your phone, pay with a credit card, and you go pick up your food.  We tried it on our last visit and it was easy peezy, and although we still stood in a short pick up line, it was nice to pass up the much longer ordering line!   There are also coupons on the website.


13.  Admission Savings

Since the park is owned by the city of North Richland Hills, residents receive a discounted admission.

Group Sales are for 10 or more guest, and include one free ticket for every 10 purchased.  However, they must be reserved in advance and tickets must all be used on the same day.

Check for daily discounts, including Fort Worth Star Telegram Press Pass Days.  Click HERE.


14.  Special Events

Check the NRH2O calendar for upcoming special events, such as fireworks and Dive In Movies on select nights, as well as giveaways, promotions and even Doggie Beach Bash in September after the park has closed for the season.

Things To Do in North Richland Hills 


Mountasia Family Fun Center is located RIGHT NEXT DOOR to NRH2O, and has miniature golf, rides, laser tag, go carts, rock climbing and much more!  Click HERE to visit their website.


After a full day of fun at NRH2O, we were wet, exhausted and starving!  We wanted to go out to eat, but I required a patio so we wouldn’t freeze (and I always like a patio).  The NRH2O staff suggested Christina’s, right down the street.  They happily seated us (in swimsuits with a damp and flimsy coverup) on the patio.  At dusk, string lights lit up the night and we enjoyed a terrific meal of fajitas, shrimp and pork carnitas, the La Gran Parrillada de Guadalajara!

My six-year-old, ever the inquirer, asked our very patient waiter many questions about the menu selections.  When the waiter mentioned it to the chef, the chef came out and spoke with my son, even giving him his card and told him to call him anytime to discuss food.  Love it!

Christine’s has 12 locations around the DFW Metroplex, click HERE to visit their website.


9001 Boulevard 26, North Richland Hills

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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NRH2O provided us with complementary admission to their waterpark, but I was not financially reimbursed for this blog post, and as always, all opinions are my own.

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