Koala Walkabout at the Dallas Zoo

The Koala Walkabout at the Dallas Zoo is one  of the newer exhibits, opening in Spring of 2012.  The animals in the exhibit are all from Australia, and It’s a fun place to explore while visiting the zoo.  So pack a lunch of vegemite sandwiches (which you can find at Central Market, Whole Foods and World Market) and immerse the kids in the Land Down Under.

Here are some of my Mommy Tips for making the most of your visit.




1.  Download the Dallas Zoo FREE App

The Koala Walkabout is located in the very back of Zoo North, past just about….everything!  After visiting the zoo weekly for YEARS, I just downloaded the app, and couldn’t believe how much information it gives me, including a GPS and maps to help navigate around the zoo!  Search “Dallas Zoo” on your android or i-phone.


2.  Feed the birds at Lorikeet Landing

While you can also feed the birds in the Children’s Zoo, what makes Lorikeet Landing so interesting is that for $1 you are actually letting the Lorikeets consume nectar from a cup.  Lorikeets have adapted a tiny hairs on the tip of their tongues that resemble a brush, which allow them to drink nectar from plants in the wild.  Look closely as they are eating, it’s fascinating!  The Dallas Zoo has both Rainbow Lorikeets and Dusky Lory.


3.  Kangaroo/Emu/Wallaby

If you are visiting on a Saturday or Sunday, don’t miss the Kangaroo/Emu/Wallaby Keeper Talk at 11:00 am at their enclosure.

Be sure to look for and point out the “pouches” on the kangaroo and wallaby, where these marsupials would carry their babies.  Australia has over 150 different species of marsupials, which Texas only has one, the opossum.  The Dallas Zoo has two friendly little opossums in the Children’s Zoo Discovery House.


4.  Listen to a Kookaburra

The Dallas Zoo has 2 Kookaburras, Bondi and Adelaide, who are brother and sister.  The Kookaburra is known for their laughter, which is used widely in movies, and usually not those set in Australia.  Visit early in the morning for the best opportunity to hear their famous call, and then listen during your next favorite jungle movie!


5.  Meet the Koalas, Kobi and Tekin, while you still have time.  

The Dallas Zoo can boast of having the only koalas in Texas, but their 2.5 year lease on Kobi and Tekin from the San Diego Zoo should expire this fall, and no word yet on if it will be extended, so hurry out and say hello.

Don’t miss the weekday Keeper Talk at 1:30.

6.  A not so cuddly animal from Australia

The reptiles of Australia didn’t get much attention in the Koala Walkabout, but head over to the herpetarium to see the very cool Perentie Monitor, the largest lizard in Australia.  The Dallas Zoo has bragging rights of being the first zoo in the US to successfully breed them!


Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 




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