Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio

San Antonio isn’t without things to do.  There is a reason it is Texas’ most visited city, and at the top of the list is Six Flags Fiesta Texas!   It’s a completely different park than Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, with it’s own unique rides, themes and personality!  Set in an old rock quarry, the park uses the landscape to race you along the cliff walls, and the train even goes under a 30′ waterfall!  Best of all, during the summer you can take advantage of visiting Fiesta’s FREE waterpark!  Which is great, because in Texas, it gets a little warm!



Know Before You Go

The refillable Six Flags cups can be used at ANY Six Flags, and Hurricane Harbor!

Six Flags doesn’t allow you to climb over fences and onto buildings to retrieve your child’s lost flip flops when they fall off during a ride, and walking around the park barefoot is a pain, as is carrying said child through the park.  Dress wisely.

Six Flags doesn’t allow it’s visitors to wear shirts with bad words on them.  I know because the boy in front of us was turned away until he changed his shirt. So leave your naughty shirts at home, and feel good knowing that your kids aren’t going to read a bad word on a shirt, at Six Flags anyway.  Filed under least frequently asked questions.


The newest ride at Six Flags is Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso Coaster, the world’s first single rail coaster!  It scared me to death just watching my kids ride it!


First stop, the Iron Rattler!


The Iron Rattler replaced the wooden coaster, the Rattler, in 2013.  The first drop is amazing, at 171 feet at an 80 degree angle and reaches 70 mph!

The park is built inside an old quarry, which makes for steep cliffs all around.  The coaster rides along these cliffs for a one of a kind ride!


Our next stop was the Skyscreamer, which at 200 ft. towers over the cliff walls!  Unlike the Skyscreamer at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, this one spins BACKWARDS!!!

The minimum height requirement of 48″ is why I am here writing this to you, because I just don’t think my heart will be able to take this ride!


Finally, something we could all ride!  The Road Runner Express is a fun coaster for everyone.  Well, everyone 42″ tall and above.


Gift shop craziness!


I couldn’t wait to ride the train, the Der Pilger Banhoff, which takes you through a tunnel in the quarry walls, passing through a waterfall from the top of the canyon!


It’s pretty incredible!


The drizzle let up just long enough for the kids to beg us to get wet on the Bug’s White Water Rapids!  We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for our visit, with the weather keeping most people away, we were able to walk right on every ride all day!


After an all out family assault on the bumper cars, we split up so I could take my six-year-old to Kidzopolis, a fun area just for little children.  He was old enough to be able to ride many of the rides alone, and asked me if he could ride by himself.  It was bittersweet for me, but I was thrilled to see him want to be independent.


My little aviator loved the Zoomjets!


Hot Texas summers won’t be a problem with the Splish Splash Zone, a fun place for kids to keep cool!


The Little Kidz Cafe offers fun food inside Kidzopolis, and restrooms right around the corner!



I loved seeing all the shows around the park, and there is even one right in Kidzopolis!


Even a good downpour didn’t keep my little guy from enjoying the Krazy Kars!


We headed into a section of the park called Rockville, a main street USA town.  The retro carousel was a favorite!



The Gully Washer is so much fun, but you’ll get wet!


The Fiesta Bay Boardwalk transports you to a sea side paradise, without the sea!  The Crow’s Nest Ferris Wheel, Frisbee and Pandamonium are all located in this section of the park.


The quarry walls create such a terrific background for Pandemonium!


We all loved the Scooby Doo Ghostblaster ride, which has little laser guns to shoot at targets as you ride in a car through a haunted mansion.  I was proud of my score of 300, until I saw my 14-year-old had 1375!  We rode several times while it rained outside.


Everyone loves the photo ops with their favorite Looney Tunes characters!


The character times are posted so my little guy didn’t stand a chance of missing his favorites!


The Poltergeist packs fast motion with rapid twist and turns!  My oldest loved it, my daughter, behind him, not so much!!   Be ready for the exciting take off!


We enjoyed a lunch outside of the park.  There are picnic tables located just out the front gates.  No food is allowed inside the park.

Later, we shared a snack and lots of laughter in the Food Court, as we watch old Looney Tunes movies.  They have tacos, pizza and corn dogs, as well as ice-cold Mexican Cokes!

Unlike Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, alcohol is sold all around the park.


My daughter’s favorite ride was the Superman Krypton Coaster, which they rode again and again!  And again!  They rode up to the last ride of the day, then we ran over to the Iron Rattler, where they got in one more ride before the park officially closed for the day!

White Water Bay

Because it gets hot in Texas, crazy hot, Fiesta Texas offers White Water Bay, which is included in your ticket price!  They weren’t open on Easter, but we can’t wait to come back and check out the new Bahama Blaster and play in their giant, Texas shaped pool!

Season Passes 

Our season passes for Six Flags over Texas in Arlington also gave us FREE parking and FREE admission into Fiesta Texas.  One of the perks of being a pass holder is Take a Friend for FREE days throughout the year, and they apply at BOTH parks, regardless of where you purchased them!  Now we just need to make some friends!

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas  

17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio 

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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