Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, Dallas

Since I’m a huge believer that just about EVERYTHING should be outdoors, I LOVE the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, which I can best describe as an outdoor, interactive museum!


Opened in October, 2013, the garden is located inside the Dallas Arboretum.  A separate entrance fee applies to the Children’s Garden, and there is parking available at the entrance to the Garden.

It’s a great venue for young and older children, with something for everyone!


The Incredible, Edible Garden has both artificial plants in exhibits, and growing, live plants.


“Don’t play with your food” doesn’t apply here!  This adorable celery slide, and a pea pod boat that sits beside it, are a highlight in the Incredible, Edible Garden.


A maze of holly plants creates the Amazing Secret Garden.

October, 2015


See out across beautiful White Rock lake from the Texas Skywalk!

October, 2015


There are plenty of exciting and interactive exhibits on the T. Boone Pickens Pure Energy Exhibit, which focuses on how wind, water and solar energy are transformed into electricity.


Be prepared for them to get WET!  There is also a water feature at the entrance to the park, and in the First Adventure Garden for younger guest.  Bring a towel, and a swim suit or a change of clothes for your children.


Larger than life building blocks make the Kaleidoscope Gallery a terrific place to build, imagine and create!


Because of the high volume of guest, timed tickets allow you access to the garden from 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm.  Advanced ticket purchase is recommended, and you can click HERE to be taken to their school field trip calendar, to avoid visiting during a busy time.


The only indoor gallery is the Exploration Center.  During our visit, my older children were able to extract DNA from a strawberry, which was just about the neatest thing ever!  My six year old loves the OmniGlobe, a 5′ tall sphere which shows weather patterns, terrains of other planets and even the Star War’s Death Star!  Need I tell you which one is our favorite?


In total, there are 20 galleries.  We take our time to explore and play in each one, and have NEVER been able to do EVERYTHING during one visit, much less have time to visit the gardens of the Arboretum on the same day.  Click HERE to read about our visit to the Dallas Arboretum.



Is it summer yet?


Unlike the Arboretum, there are not any large, grassy areas for picnics, however there are plenty places to enjoy a packed lunch, which are allowed.  The Garden Cafe by Two Sisters is located at the entrance, and offers a family friendly menu.  You can even dine here without purchasing tickets to the garden.

For a treat before, or after, your visit to the Children’s Garden, take a left when leaving and drive down to Hypnotic Donuts at 9007 Garland Rd.  Home of the Evil Elvis (peanut butter and banana) or a Vampire Weekend (you will just have to see for yourself), Hypnotic Donuts is a destination in themselves.

Adventure Ambassadors Program

Members of the Dallas Arboretum, ages 8-14 are invited to join the Adventure Ambassador Program, which members “will play an integral role in selecting fun and exciting activities for the Children’s Adventure Garden. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to develop and expand their leadership skills as well as grow as a contributing member in the community.”  For dates, fees and more information, please click HERE.

October, 2015

Field Trips

My son’s 2nd grade class went on a field trip to the Children’s Adventure Garden.  The RMCAG has so many different field trip presentations to choose from, ranging from those in the lab to out in the garden!  Our class attended the Texas Native Wetlands program, and the kids (and adults) loved it!  We were able to capture, observe and identify different water-loving creatures living in the RMCAG’s own water feature!  Using a microscope, they found such cool creatures as water mites and dragonfly nymphs!

Things To Do in Dallas 


The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park is one of our favorite 3 aquariums in Dallas!  (Joke – Dallas only has 3 aquariums) Really, we LOVE it!  So much that we have passes!  Click HERE to read more!


Take your kids to The Lot, and they will a) Never want to leave b) Love you forever c) Beg you all the time to come back d) All of the above.  Good food and a huge sandbox!  Trying to make the 3 basket basketball goal is reason enough to go!  Located at 7530 E Grand Ave.  Click HERE to visit their website. 

Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden  

8525 Garland Rd, Dallas

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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