Geocaching at River Legacy Park, Arlington

Since we have recently discovered geocaching, we are hooked, and love sharing it with others!

Today we decided to spend the day geocaching at River Legacy Park in Arlington, because it’s a HUGE park, and there are 45 geocaches hidden there!


We met several friends at the park, and after grilling hot dogs for lunch, we set out on our treasure hunt.  None of our friends had ever geocached before, so it was fun watching as they got excited finding them!


We found 3 today!  Plus, we spent A LOT of time searching for one we never found, but it wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy!

We choose the easiest ones, and  riding through the park searching for them!


Afterwards, we enjoyed the terrific playground at the park!


We took old bread with us to feed the ducks!


Flew kites in the big, open field and rode our bikes EVERYWHERE!!!


We had a terrific, and exhausting day!  We arrived in the park about 11am, and spent the entire day, leaving after 6pm!  We were all tired, smelly and reeking of a GREAT time!  And at the end of the day, isn’t that how you want your kids to spend Spring Break?

Want to know more about Geocaching?  Click HERE to go to, and put in your zip code to find geocaches hidden near you!  Pick an easy one (they are graded) near you (they are EVERYWHERE), and go find it!  Be sure and make a user ID (it’s free) and log in your finds, that’s half the fun!  Follow us at Fun in the Texas Sun!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


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