River Bend Nature Area, Fort Worth

The kids and I had been out playing along the Trinity Trail in Fort Worth, and my map told me I was near the River Bend Nature Area, so we decided to go check it out.


We had to drive around a bit before I found it, because I didn’t have a definite address on my map.  It’s located on Burton Hill Rd., just off White Settlement Rd.  It wasn’t until we were almost there that my daughter noted that there wasn’t parking.


We took a chance and parked at an apartment complex next door to a gravel trail.  The trail runs along the mostly dry riverbed, which was once the Trinity River before it was channelized (relocated).


We did walk across the road, and down through the grass along the riverbed.  It’s a lovely place for a walk, with no concrete or trail on this side.  There were many birds and squirrels.


Although someone’s choice of graffiti made my children a little nervous!  It ended in a game of zombie tag in the grass.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a little sightseeing at the lovely homes built high up Burton Hill.  The steep streets reminded me of the Texas Hill Country, and we had some terrific views!

I don’t know that this is where I would plan a trip to visit, but it was a nice stop while we were in the area.  It’s a Streams and Valleys project to provide an untouched area for wildlife and native plants, and important in their ecosystem.  Visit their website for a map (?) and more information.

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


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