Flight Deck Trampoline Park, Fort Worth

The other day I was reading an article listing romantic dates for Valentine’s Day BESIDES dinner and a movie in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and one of the places mentioned was Flight Deck Trampoline Park.  This idea thrilled me, as I knew it was something different and my husband would love it!  We are NOT dinner and a movie type people, and our very best date nights usually end in go-cart racing.


Imagine my surprise when the very next day I received an invitation from Flight Deck Trampoline Park to bring my family out for a visit and blog review!  Although we have visited other trampoline parks, we had never been to Flight Deck, and we were quick to take them up on the offer!


At Flight Deck, the “aeronautic” theme is carried throughout the park, with pictures of planes and areas named Bomber Bay and Airspace.  I love the colors, too.  Take a look up in this picture and notice that every other row of lights is black light.  Can you imagine all the green lit up under the black lights?  Very fun!


Airspace is rows and rows of trampolines for adults and children over 39 inches.  After a few minutes, I found my husband bouncing back and forth across the room, with my children following him like little ducks, albeit bouncy little ducks.


They also have a space where younger guest can jump without fear of bigger kids (or their jump happy dads)!


Admit it, you have always wanted to jump into a giant pit of foam blocks!


I made the leap of faith, and jumped in!


My son enjoyed lounging around in the blocks, too!  We sat back and watched as my husband did a flip into the pit, something I haven’t seen him do in 14 years, and really didn’t think he still could.  Maybe we aren’t as old as I think….


Beary, my six-year old’s best friend, enjoyed playing in the pit, too!


Talk about GREAT ideas, the basketball room has 2 goals of different heights!  I think we played the most in this room, because we are all about basketball right now!  My daughter and six-year-old son are both playing basketball with Upwards at our church, and my oldest son and I are coaching my six-year old’s team.  This room was a lot like kindergarten basketball…. you could try to dribble, but it just wasn’t happening.


My daughter’s favorite was Bomber Bay, the dodge ball court!  They actually have two courts, which is great because this is truly a favorite with the kids!


When things get too sweaty, the Cool Zone offers a great way to chill out!


A HUGE frozen yogurt selection!


And tons of toppings!!  They also sell bottled water and drinks, and a few pre-packaged snack foods.

My Mommy Tip:   Eat before coming, as no outside food or drinks are allowed.  


Of course, Flight Deck is the perfect place for birthday parties!  They have different party packages, and offer either party tables in an open area, or private party rooms.


More Fun Ways to Play

Flight Deck offers lots of other options for fun, with Teen Nights, Friday and Saturday nights for 13 and older from 9-11pm.  They have a DJ and turn on the black lights, my older children and begging to come!

Family Night is every Monday from 6-8pm with special pricing for families.

Children 6 and under can come Mon-Fri from 10-noon for Kid Jump!  Not only do they get to enjoy the entire park, but they get special pricing and their attending adult can come jump for free!

Mommy Tip:  You can purchase a season pass and come as often as you like to Kid Jump! 

After our session ended, we stayed to watch a little of the exercise class, Vertical Aerobics, which started at 8pm and last 50 minutes.  It seemed to be a challenging but fun workout!


You can even purchase official Flight Deck gear in their shop!

We loved Flight Deck!  The people were extremely nice, and we can’t wait to go back for a Family Night or possibly a Teen Night (or a fun date night!). My daughter thinks it would also be a great activity to suggest to her Girl Scout troop, as we are nearing the end of our cookies sales and always go somewhere for a celebration!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


Although we were invited to Flight Deck and given a complimentary visit, all opinions are my own, and I was not financially compensated for this review.


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    My name is Rachel Thomas. My husband and I are opening a trampoline park in Redding, CA. We are in the process of creating our website and we found one of your pictures via search engine. The picture we would like to use is the 3rd one posted of the trampoline space. We wanted to ask your permission to use this picture as a placeholder on our website until we open and can get our own.We would credit the photo to your website on our site. We are on schedule to open the first week of November, at which time we would use our own photos. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Thanks again,

    Rachel Thomas

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