Gatsplat Indoor Paintball Fields, Lewisville

My oldest son has chosen to celebrate his 14th, 15th and 16th birthday at Gatsplat Indoor Paintball Field in Lewisville, and I think that is quite a recommendation for them, since I offer to let him celebrate anywhere.  He even somewhat shocked me, because for his 16th I suggested we rent a beach house in Galveston and take a few of his friends for Mardi Gras, and he still chose Gatsplat!

Cole paintball
Our rowdy crew in 2014

Know Before You Go 

Wear closed-toed shoes, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt or hoodie.  Hoodies workd well because your next is protected, too.  Dress in layers, but it is kept cool.

Gatsplat is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some holidays.  Check their schedule before going.

Reservations are easy to make and suggested.


As the name implies, Gatsplat courses are all indoor, which is GREAT because he has an early February birthday, and the weather can be unpredictable.

Leo at 8
I love that since Gatsplat uses smaller, 50 caliber paintball guns, my youngest has been able to play since he was 6 years old!  The guns are lighter and easier to shoot, but are still accurate and have a long range.

When he was 6, I went in with him as a chaperone, to make sure he remembered to keep his mask on at all times while on the field, since serious injuries can occur if he were shot in the eye, etc.

Before anyone is allowed to play, you MUST watch a short safety video.

Leo at 6
 Gatsplat has two courses, and players are constantly being rotated.  One of the fields had a “capture the sword” game, which was my favorite.  Both fields have artificial turf, and heating/air conditioning.


The party area offers lots of tables, and you can bring your own food and drinks, which was great!  You can also order pizza to be delivered.

Same rowdy crew in 2016

Things To Do in Lewisville


The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) is a natural area south of the Lewisville Lake dam on the Trinity  River.  They offer camping, hiking, paddling on the river and wetlands and special events during the year.  For more information, click HERE.

Zone Action Park has go-carts, bounce houses and MORE!  Click HERE to visit their website.

Gatsplat Indoor Paintball Fields  

582 E. State Hwy 121, Lewisville  

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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