crock pot cooking in the car

We are on the road almost every weekend, but  regardless where we are, one of my top mom jobs is feeding my family!  Sometimes it takes a little creativity.  Here is one of my favorite Road Trip Tips.  Crock Pot cooking in the car!

I love my Hamilton Beach Stay R Go Crock Pot.  The lid “locks” in place, making transportation mess free!  I fill up my crock pot and plug it into an electrical adapter in our car, and by the time we reach our destination, lunch or dinner is ready.  For shorter trip, or longer cooking meals, I will sometimes start the crockpot before we leave, then just transfer it into the car!  We save money and time, and I know the food is healthier than fast food.  And while I love to pack a picnic, it’s a nice alternative to cold cuts, too!

Although there is no end to the number of things you can put in your crock pot, some of our favorite meals to eat at the end of the road are pulled pork sandwiches (pictured), baked potatoes, chili (to make Frito Pie), barbecue chicken, and stuffed peppers!  I love the crock pot bags, which make rest area clean up a breeze!  Remember to check the wattage on your crockpot and your adapter, to be sure that they are compatible.  Bon Appetit’!

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 



  1. Thank you, I am going to school, have three kids and am now a Football Mom. Been trying to figure out how I will feed my family after they get out of school but before practice. Going to try this 🙂

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