Dinosaur Puppets

Meet Lenny the Longneck.  My kids and I had a blast making these cute little lunch bag puppets, then they put on a show for my husband and me.
Thanks to Texas Parks and Wildlife for the idea and tutorial on their web site.  I may or may not have needed the tutorial, but it’s a nice place to start.  Because what we sometimes need is a little inspiration.  Inspiration to turn off the tv, or quit folding the laundry, sit down with your children and make something….


I gathered paper lunch bags, construction paper, glue sticks, crayons and scissors.  You could use hot glue or liquid glue, but with a 3 year old I “stuck” with the glue sticks.  I also used regular scissors and the ones that make jagged edges for different looks for the dinosaurs.


I purchased both the white and the brown paper lunch bags, but we only used the white.

For this T-Rex puppet, my son colored the the bag green, then cut out the head and lower jaw shapes.  He used the jagged scissors to create a scaley look.


This one was my little guys, and his sister helped on the face.

My daughter cut out horns for her Stegosaurus puppet.  She also added a tail to him.

This is my long neck.  I cut out a long neck, and glued it onto the bag.  I think the large googly eyes would be so cute on these, but we didn’t have any.


This is my daughter’s Brachiosaurus.  She added a pencil on the back for support, and then taped it down using left over masking tape from when we painted her room.

My son balled up a piece of black construction paper for their show, End of the Dinosaur Days. I probably should have labeled this with a Spoiler Alert! You can probably guess how it ends.

I added a tree branch to my long necked dinosaur, using construction paper.


Here is a close up of my tree branch, because I thought it was really cute.

My daughter added some red and orange construction paper flames to a mountain they already had for the volcano scene of their puppet show.


During the show, my daughter’s Brachiosaurus with the engineered neck support.  I’m glad I kept my mouth shut, because I really didn’t think it would work.

Don’t you love the legs! Unfortunantly, the cute little dinosaurs were bound for extinction.  We had so much fun, I bet they get brought to life again.  Maybe there will be a sequel.

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