4th of July T-shirts

The fourth of July is just a few days away, and we can’t wait!

One of the biggest attractions for us every year is the annual Light Up Arlington Fireworks Event on July 3rd!   My kids love watching the fireworks!

Update –  Due to Covid-19, the July 4th Arlington activities, including Light Up Arlington and the parade, have been cancelled.


We meet our friends, and have a great time!  We always pack lots of cold drinks and lots of glow sticks, too!  However, the vendors at the festival always seem to have something “new” which my kids have got to get!


From 6pm – 11pm, there is live music at both the Levitt Paviliion and a temporary stage set up behind the Central Library.  Everyone has a great time! Best of all, it’s FREE!!

Getting Ready for the BIG Night! 

Our friend, Donnette, put together a fun playdate for us at her house to paint T-shirts to wear on Wednesday night!


Each year, we decorate T-shirts, but I really loved her idea this year, firework shirts!  Here is how we did it, if you want to make your own!


Using koosh balls….


The kids dipped them in paint, then lightly touched them to the t-shirts we had laid out, each with construction paper inside to keep the paint from soaking through.

By the way, don’t you LOVE that great picture, arm shadow and all.  Do you think I should change my blogs title to Having Fun and Taking Bad Pictures in the Texas Sun?  Too long?


As you can see, the kids had a great time making them, and of course, they turned out great!


Afterwards, the kids and I made new friends of the neighbor’s horses!  I LOVE horses!


Soon the sprinker was sprinkling and the kids were all playing and cooling off, while we moms sat on the back porch and chatted!  What a terrific day!  You gotta LOVE SUMMER!

Happy Independence Day, and 

Keep Having Fun in the Texas Sun! 


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As a Naturally Fun Blogger, I get invited by Arlington Parks and Recreation to all sorts of really great activities and events, but all opinions are my own, and I am not financially reimbursed for my post.


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