Prehistoric Park Comes to Grapevine

For the third year, dinosaurs are roaming the shores of Lake Grapevine at Meadowmere Park, and while they are only there a short time, their existence is making a big effect!

Meadowmere Park, which is known for Whoazone, its inflatable waterpark during the Summer, has a fun event this Spring with animatronic dinosaurs along an easy, walkable trail. Prehistoric Park is open daily until April 16th, from 9am to 6pm, and until 10p.m. on select nights for Dinos after Dark. There’s also a fun “Eggscavation” planned for April 1-2.

My son, who is 15 surprised me when I told him about the event and he said he’d like to go. Obviously, this is geared for a much younger crowd, but he’s always liked dinosaurs and Meadowmere Park, where his Boy Scout Troop camps each Summer for a weekend to enjoy Whoazone. We do go out to the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Refuge in McKinney each year for their Dinosaur’s Live, a seasonal, similar experience. So after school he and I headed to Grapevine to enjoy the warmer weather, some much missed sunshine, and a step back in time!

We both had fun walking around to see the dinosaurs, the dig pit and other exhibits. One of the park volunteers brought around a little baby dinosaur puppet, and there’s several nice photo opportunities, and a little prehistoric shop. Some of the exhibits are a little gory, like the Utahraptor eating the parasaurolophus while it’s babies watched! We were given a scavenger challenge, one of which was on the Track Trail across the road, a short little hike with a couple of even scarier dinosaurs. From the left-over synthetic cobweb strands in the trees, they must have had a haunted trail here during October, too!

Tickets are a little high, at $29/car load up to 6 people, and includes a day pass to the park, so I’d suggest making as full a day of it as possible, and pack a lunch or dinner, and enjoy the park, too. The day pass allows you to come and go as well. There is a playground at the other end of the park, and there are restrooms near the entrance.

We stopped afterwards at Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill in Grapevine for burgers, which is always yummy! Enjoy our pictures from today!

Prehistoric Park at Lake Grapevine
Edmontonia dinosaur
Mother and baby dinosaur at Prehistoric Park
Utahraptor at Prehistoric Park in Grapevine Texas
Prehistoric Park
Baby Parasaurolophus at Meadowmere Park Prehistoric Park exhibit
Suchomimus at Meadowmere Park
Dinosaurs at Meadowmere Park
Scavenger Hunt at Prehistoric Park
Dinosaurs at Prehistoric Park Grapevine
Dinosaur Puppets
Dinosaur Photo Ops
Gigantosaurus at Prehistoric Park
The Boneyard at Lake Grapevine
Prehistoric Park at Lake Grapevine
Dig pit at Prehistoric Park at Lake Grapevine
Prehistoric Park in Grapevine
Merchandise at Prehistoric Park
Tracks Trail at Prehistoric Park
Track Trail at Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park Trail
Prehistoric Park

Prehistoric Park

3000 Meadowmere Lane, Grapevine, Texas

Click HERE to visit their website.

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