Trovato Street Nostalgic Candies and Artisan Chocolates, Cleburne

(Root) Beer is proof that God loves us and wants to make us happy. – Ben Franklin

This is what Franklin would have (probably) said if he had visited Trovato Street.

Trovato Street in Cleburne

I saw this fun little shop while visiting the antique stores on E. Henderson last year, and thought how much my youngest son, Leo, a root beer drinker, would enjoy visiting. I had almost forgotten about it when in November for his birthday, he was surprised with a gift card to Trovato from a friend, who raved about how fun it was.

Chocolate display case at Trovato Street in Cleburne Texas

Still tired from our drive back from Winter Park, Colorado yesterday, we actually arrived home about 2am this morning, we slept late and then my oldest son Cole and I scrambled to get the UHaul trailer we rented for the trip cleaned out and returned back in Cleburne, about a 45-minute drive from home. After dropping off the Uhaul, we headed downtown to check it out.

Trovato Street Chocolatiers in Cleburne Texas

Downtown Cleburne is a fun daytrip, with plenty of neat things to see and do, from little antique shops like Red Horse Antique Mall and Vintage Love Antiques, the Plaza Theater, or one of their many museums, such as their Gone with the Wind Remembered Museum, Cleburne Railroad Museum and the free Layland Museum of History, which resides in the 1905 Carnegie Library. The Cleburne Carnegie Library was one of 32 public libraries built in the state, and 2,500 across the country with the financial assistance of philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

Watching the chocolatier make candy bars at Trovato Street in Cleburne Texas

Trovato Street, which actually sits on E. Henderson, opened in 2019. The building is absolutely amazing, and while I expected something like a whimsical candy shop, Trovato Street is anything but. It’s pretty fancy chocolate they are making here, and you can even watch the chocolatiers at work! In their display case, they offer house made truffles, chocolate covered candies, rice crispies and even cookies! We watched as they made chocolate candy bars.

Vintage Candy Bin at Trovato Street in Cleburne Texas

Their bins of nostalgic candy includes assorted saltwater taffies, of which we purchased several different flavors, including the pickle flavor since our oversleeping was causing us to miss the Mansfield Pickle Parade. I brought them home, but no one has dared to try one yet.

Trovato Street Taffy of the Month

Here’s my confession too, maybe proof that I’m just as naughty as my children. I saw this little display of their Taffy of the Month, Key Lime Pie, and just assumed that they were samples, so I ate one! Yeah, those aren’t samples. I didn’t tell them, but I did buy several to hopefully justify it.

Root Beer Bar at Trovato Street in Cleburne Texas
Root Beer at Trovato Street in Cleburne

They also have a 16′ Root Beer Bar, with 40 different root beers such as XXX, Frostie’s and other obscure brands. You can have them make a root beer float, too! I tried the Death Valley Sarsaparilla, which is claimed to be made with artesian water from Indian Wells Spring in Death Valley. It was sweet, creamy, smooth and refreshing.

Death Valley Sarsaparilla at Trovato Street in Cleburne Texas

If all this sounds like fun, go ahead and follow Trovato Street on their facebook page, as they are all about their fun, special events, like Dino Days, a masquerade party back in February, fondue dinners and even date nights!

More Things to Do in Cleburne


Cleburne State Park has amazing hiking and mountain-biking trails, campsites and water activities on Cedar Lake.

The Chisholm Trail Museum offers a fun look at life in Pioneer Texas, with plenty of room for the kids to get outside and explore!

Mainstay Farms is open during the Spring and Fall, and is one of my favorite Texas Tourist Farms! They have a huge area for kids to play, great activities and plenty of places to sit and watch the kids when they wear you out!

The Cleburne Railroaders are an independent team in the American Association, an official partner league of Major League Baseball, meaning that they are not a farm team for a major league team, but they play some amazing games and it is really, really fun!

Did you know that Amtrak stops in Cleburne? Consider taking the train for a fun weekend getaway!


After our visit to Trovato, we headed to Grumps Burgers after a little bickering with my son between Burger Bar, the smallest burger restaurant ever, but huge on taste, and just around the corner from Trovato, so we could have walked to it, and trying the food truck Loaf’n Dog in the same parking area as Burger Bar. While any would have probably been a win, my bacon cheeseburger at Grumps was delicious!

Trovato Street

106 E. Henderson St. Suite A, Cleburne

Click HERE to visit their website.

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