Tips and Tricks for Having A Great Time at the Coyote Drive In Theater in Fort Worth

The Drive In really is our favorite way to watch a movie!  I love being outdoors, the excitement of playing with the kids before the movie, and the laid back atmosphere during the movie!  It’s great for young kids who might not sit still, or many times when our kids were young they would fall asleep in the car so we could enjoy the second feature together!


We’ve seen some incredible movies at The Coyote, and over the years I’ve made a list of some of the BEST Mommy Tips for taking the kids!

Know Before You Go

The Coyote Drive-In is open year round, 7 nights a week.

Don’t forget your insect repellent.

Credit Cards are accepted throughout.

Screen One at the Coyote Drive In in Fort Worth


The Coyote Drive-In is located just North of Downtown Fort Worth, along a bend in the Trinity River (although you can’t see or access the river from The Coyote), in the Historic Stockyards!



Do yourself a favor, and purchase your tickets online before you get there.  I’ve done it several times and didn’t need to, but big blockbuster releases, especially on opening night, sell out quickly!

The Coyote occasionally runs a Groupon, so be sure to check!



The pre-show festivities at a drive-in are really as much fun as watching the movie itself, so do yourself a HUGE favor and get there early!

I always want a front row parking spot, so we usually arrive a couple of hours before the show starts.  That’s okay because there is so much to do!  The large grassy area in front of the screen is perfect for playing football, throwing a frisbee, playing tag or just blowing bubbles, so don’t forget to pack some toys!

There is also a gated playground by the concessions and bathrooms that we always visit!

They have also added fire pit tables and sell smore kits!

Food and Drinks

A full grill serves hamburgers, nachos and more concession type food!  There is plenty of cool, retro seating and Christmas lights twinkling at night.  Before the movies, the large televisions usually have on a local sports team.  It’s a fun place to just relax and keep one eye on the kids and another on the Rangers before the show!  From the dining area, you can also see all four movie screens, although you can’t hear them.  There is also a full service bar next to the concession area.

No outside food or drinks are allowed, but they don’t check your car, either.

My husband loves to tailgate, and always insist that The Coyote should have a special Tailgating Night!  So, Coyote Drive In, if you are reading this….

Coyote Drive In Fort Worth

We have had these Amazon inflatable loungers (affilite link) for years, so I can really attest to their longevity! We usually use them at the drive in, but also at parks to watch fireworks and the beach, where the wind really makes it easy to inflate! They do come with anchors, also.


There are SO many seating options at a drive-in, and a chance to be fun and creative, too!

If you’re sitting outside of your car, bring your own radio!

The Coyote does furnish FREE Adirondack style chairs, but supplies are limited.  Another reason to get there early!  Bring a blanket for cooler evenings.

Bring your own chairs.  They don’t have to be plain folding chairs, either!  After years of experimenting with all different types of seating, my anti-gravity chair from Magellan is my absolute favorite!

Bring blankets, pillows and/or bean bag chairs and lay out on the grass.  Just be sure NOT to let the kids eat on the blanket, or they will attract ants, who love a movie as much as anyone!

My daughter invited several of her friends and we hosted a girl’s night where we blew up a couple of air mattresses and the girls wore their pajamas to the drive-in!

During The Spongebob Movie, we watched pure genius as a two couple brought their kids, and a folding table with chairs!  The kids watched the movie, while the adults played dominoes.  Brilliant!

At another drive-in, we watched as a pickup truck pulled in one evening with a couch in the back.  They jumped out and pulled it out and watched the movie on it, putting it back in the bed when the movie was over and driving away!  It was awesome!

We bring an EZ-Up type sun-shade to put up while the kids are playing and the sun is out during the summer, and take it down before the movie starts.

My newest, favoritiest thing for the drive-in is this radio my husband purchased.  At the time, I couldn’t understand why he needed this, but it allows us to sit anywhere at the drive-in, and not rely on the car stereo.  It’s also helped us avoid a few dead batteries.

Speaking of a dead battery, the area is patrolled by men on golf carts to help anyone.  What’s the universal Drive-In help sign for a dead battery?  Just lift your hood and leave it up, they will come to the rescue!


Double Feature

Like most Drive-Ins, The Coyote plays a double feature following a brief intermission.  My youngest always fell asleep before the 2nd movie started.

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The Stockyards Trinity River Train Excursion is a 45-minute train ride along the Trinity River!

The Cowtown Maze in the Stockyards is a fun maze for the kids!


There are so many great places to eat in the Fort Worth Stockyards!  I suggest Horseshoe Hill Cafe, The Love Shack and Lonesome Dove, or if it’s a beautiful day, you must check out Joe T. Garcia’s!


The Stockyards Hotel is a located right in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards!  If you have young children, the Hampton Inn and Suites in Downtown Fort Worth has a great indoor pool!

The Coyote Drive In

223 NE 4th Street, Fort Worth

Click HERE to visit their website.

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