Mockingbird Nature Park, Midlothian

I kid when I say I’ve lowered my expectations for our hiking goals for 2023, counting any “hike” over one mile for our 52 Hike Challenge for the year. Last year we only did hikes over 3 miles, which is my preferred quick day hike, but looking back at the list we did last year, I felt we skipped out on so many little hikes that I really love. This little 1.5 mile trail in Midlothian, the Mockingbird Nature Park is one of them. It’s a great trail, and since we were in Midlothian today to check out some other things, we took the dogs and headed out!

Just a heads up but my apple maps gps took me to the wrong location. My son looked on the Alltrails App, and directed me straight to it. This year I’m also trying to log all of our hikes on the Alltrails App., if y’all want to follow us on there as well!

The 1.5 mile trail is well marked. There are a few short-cut trails, also, if you don’t want to do 1.5 miles. It’s very flat, and good for strollers, and pet friendly, too. Just keep them on a leash and please clean up after them.

My Mommy Tips: 

  • The park has nice restrooms at the parking area. I always keep toilet paper and soap in my car, just in case.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of water for drinking and hand washing!
  • Don’t forget a picnic blanket if you are planning to bring lunch, as there are not any tables.  Which is okay, blankets are more fun, anyway!
  • It appears the trails are also used by horses and mountain bikes, although I never found a sign stating if they were allowed or not.

The park has been adopted by the Indian Trail Master Naturalist Chapter of Ellis and Navarro County.  Visit their website for more information.

Here’s some pictures of the trail from many, many years ago, but other than the signs being a little weathered, and the junipers being a little larger, it’s pretty much the same. The little boys are my youngest and his friend.


Once we started on the hiking trail, we did find a few bluebonnets, and some other wildflowers scattered about.  It’s amazing how quickly we “escaped” from the nearby suburban vicinity!  Ah, breathe!


The bird blind looks out to a small, fresh water source for local birds and wildlife.  The water is supplied by a rain barrel, which catches water coming off the roof of the bird blind and filled by a s-l-o-w dripline.


Back on the trail, which was filled with butterflies to “chase’.


Oh, this poor little pond.  The only major water source for birds and wildlife, it was extremely low and mostly lifeless, although we did see a few frogs.  A nearby coyote poked its head out from behind some cedar trees as we walked to the pond, but then laid back down as we passed.


Things To Do in Midlothian


Prior to our hike, we stopped for lunch at Branded Burger in Downtown Midlothian. I love their burgers, hand breaded onion rings and selection of sodas!

Mockingbird Nature Park  

1361 Onward Rd, Midlothian   

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