Museum of Ice Cream, Austin

If you love ice cream, then the Museum of Ice Cream at The Domain in Austin is for you! It’s a great place to visit with family or friends, or even a date! You’ll get tons of sweet ice cream, great photo ops and a chance to play like a kid, no matter how old you are!

Not really a museum at all, although you will find some interesting facts about ice cream, it’s more an immersive IG studio, but tons of fun for everyone!

We stopped on a Girl’s Trip down to New Braunfels, and had a blast! A rainy Friday afternoon, the museum wasn’t very busy, which is a huge plus! I’d definitely try to avoid any peak times to visit! Once inside, we were left to explore on our own pace, which I really appreciated. From making up our own ice cream names, to playing with the games and activities, it was all fun and better that it wasn’t that busy!

Museum of Ice Cream Austin sprinkle pool
Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
Girl serving ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin

The old fashioned ice cream shop was a favorite for their delicious ice cream!

a pink basketball goal at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin

The Museum of Ice Cream has 6 locations, world-wide with venues in Singapore and Shanghai.

Big bright colors and fun photo ops just made it such a happy place! The last room, with a pool of sprinkles was definitely my favorite! I also loved that the staff was willing to take pictures of us so we could all be in the pictures! Please check out my tips and enjoy my pictures of our visit!

Know Before You Go

Parking was limited and it was raining. We were in 3 cars, and 2 were able to find parking places, but I had to either swim or valet park. Valet parking was $10.

If it hadn’t been raining and cold, we would have had time to visit the stores nearby.

Purchase your tickets online. They’ll give you the option to buy more ice cream, but really you get a lot of ice cream during your visit. They do offer some adult alcoholic drinks at the ice cream bar, so you may want to arrive early for that.

I’m always cold so I wore a sweater, but I expected it to be chillier but it was really comfortable.

Wear something you can move around in, since there are so many fun activities!

You need to jump in the sprinkles pool, if only to hunt for the golden sprinkle! You will need to take off your shoes, so keep that in mind when you get dressed in the morning.

Ice cream makes me so thirsty, but there was complementary water is just about every room. There are also restrooms inside the exhibit.

I expected to need to tip someone, especially since the staff was so great, but there weren’t tipping jars anywhere except the ice cream bar when you first enter.

I would recommend the Museum of Ice Cream to kids of any age, but it’s pricy so I’d say 6 and above is a perfect age.

Pink jukebox at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
Whacka a mole with ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
It's not all about Ice Cream at the Ice Cream Museum in Austin, they have cotton candy too
Banana Splits at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
The banana room at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
You'll love the circus animals at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin
Slide into the pool of sprinkles searching for a golden sprinkle at the Museum of Ice Cream in Austin.

Museum of Ice Cream

11506 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin

Click HERE to visit their website.

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