Hawaiian Falls Water Park, Mansfield

Hawaiian Falls has been a family favorite for us since it first opened in Mansfield. Over the years, I’ve racked up a ton of knowledge on the best tips for visiting this fun, family waterpark! They make it easy and affordable – FREE tubes and life jackets, FREE parking,  and coolers ARE allowed for an additional fee. Enjoy my tips and pics from our visits over the years.

Pogo Pass

With a Pogo Pass, you get a FREE visit to Hawaiian Falls, along with MANY other great venues!  Click HERE for more information!

My favorite thing at any water park is the Lazy River!  Their river is 3′ deep, with a good current for swimming or tubing.  There are two points of entry, one with steps and the other with a 0 entry.  which is a fun place to stop and take a break while the older kids are on the nearby slides.


At LaLana Peak, there are 4 water slides.  All four are inner tube rides, and end in zero depth water, instead of into a pool, which is nice with younger children.   The pink slide is a favorite, as riders get to choose music which plays during their ride, accompanied by flashing lights!  The minimum height for these rides in 42″.


The nearby Torpedo is my daughter’s favorite!  Riders step into a clear tube, and 3-2-1 the bottom drops out and sends you falling to the bottom.  She says she only has time to think about being scared before it’s over!  The minimum height is 48″.


The Cliffhanger and the Hawaiian Half Pipe my son’s favorite ride.   Both have a minimum height of 48″.


Close your eyes and imagine you are at the beach in the Wave Pool!  We enjoyed listening to a live band as we jumped waves and rested in tubes while my kids did the Whirling Whirlpool, known to us as the “toilet bowl”.


On the other side of the park is Tiki Tower, which includes the Tsunami and the Riptide!  


The Pineapple Express pits friend against friend as they race down the slide on mats!  With a minimum height of 42″.


Little water spouts along the walkway keep your feet cool on a hot day.


There are several places to get something to eat, including Sharkey’s!  You can purchase hot dogs, french fries,  popcorn, churros, cotton candy and more.  They also sell a souvenir cup with FREE refills on the day of purchase.


Grilled hamburgers and sausage, as well as “Texas-styled barbecue, can be purchased, too.  Don’t you just love the smell of grilled burgers?

The park only allows “cooler food” and drinks to be brought from home.  No pizzas or buckets of chicken, and all coolers require a $10 “Cooler Pass”.   You can also leave your food in your car, and take advantage of the picnic tables in the parking lot!


There are three play spaces for younger visitors, Splash Water Reef is a zero depth entry play pool, with slides for the youngest guest and water spouting coconut trees.


We purchased a $1 set of foam letters at Dollar Tree for my visit when my youngest was 6. They were a HUGE hit with all the kids in the pool!  He soon made friends to play with, and they were spelling words and searching for the letters to everyone’s names.  As a learning moment, I loved it!  Although we only went home with about 4 of the letters, it was a full day of fun for only $1.00.


Kids line up to jump across foam sea creatures, or at least try.  On the other side is 4′ deep swim area for more accomplished swimmers.


For guest 12 and younger, Keiki Cove is a fun water world, with slides, climbing ropes, buckets and water sprayers, as well as a 1,000 gallon “dumping bucket”.    There is no standing water, and a 36″ minimum height on the 3 40′ slides!


Niko’s Reef is a covered splash area, with water geysers, buckets and lots of fun!  It’s a hot walk over the lazy river, so take your shoes to avoid burned toes, especially on younger children.


Best part of our visit, NO trips to the First Aid hut!


We did visit the small retail shop, which sells snacks and beach themed gifts.


The park has free games for kiddos, including hula hoop contest!


Don’t let a chance of rain keep you from going!  The sky darkened during our visit, but didn’t rain.  Hawaiian Falls wants to assure guest have a great time, and the park’s rain policy if that if the rides close or it rains for more than 15 minutes before 4pm, you will receive a FREE Rain Check, even if the park stays open!   You must have your receipt or ticket stub!



My Mommy Tips:

  • Lockers are available.
  • Changing tables are available in both men and women’s rest rooms, however there is not a family restroom.
  • Floats and arm floaties are not allowed, and all life saving devices must be U. S. Coast Guard approved.  Life jackets are offered free of charge, on a first come, first serve basis.

Things To Do in Mansfield

Mansfield National Golf Course, across from Hawaiian Falls, has a fun 18 hole Foot Golf Course, where participants kick a soccer ball into big holes!  We love it!  Click HERE to read more!


After a long day at the waterpark, we love the patio at Steven’s Garden and Grill in Historic Downtown Mansfield.  Click HERE to visit their website.


Loyd Park on Joe Pool Lake offers cabins, RV and camping sites.  Click HERE to read more.

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark  

490 Heritage Pkwy, Mansfield

Click HERE to visit their website.    

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