Little Rock, Arkansas

The Arkansas River flows fast and wide through Little Rock, AR., looking nothing like the former clear and cold white water river in Colorado.

The 1884 Junction Bridge stretches across the river, now a pedestrian bridge displaying a light show after dark, and love locks to those who climb the stairs up to see them.

We arrived a few hours before dark to do some exploring, made easier with the Bird Scooters waiting around everywhere! We found the area unusually crowded, and people carrying blankets and chairs headed towards the river. A young couple informed us that Willie Nelson was performing, so we headed that way to see what was happening. The First Security Amphitheater overlooks the Arkansas River, and although we didn’t buy a ticket, we did enjoy sitting in the surrounding park and listening.

With boys that are always hungry, we headed over to Gus’s World Famous Fried 🍗 Chicken. There are currently 34 locations of this Memphis-based chain, and we’ve now been to 6, including 2 in Memphis. Our waitress, who was amazing, didn’t even blink when we ordered 16 drumsticks!

A few other things to do in Little Rock include catching a Little Rock Travelers baseball game, the Travelers are a AA farm team for the Seattle Mariners. I love Minor League baseball, but unfortunately they Travelers aren’t at home while we’re here.

The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock is named the 6th Best Science Museum in the country by Mensa.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is a must for your Bucket List!

Rock City River Outfitters and Bike Store offers kayaking trips and bike rentals and tours in Little Rock.

The Ozark Angler offers guided fly fishing trips and classes.

There are 3 disc golf courses, including Hindman Eighteens Disc Golf Course.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a strenuous 2.5 mile summit hike to the top of Pinnacle Mountain, as well as picnicking, mountain bike trails and fishing.

The Old Mill is a scenic, non-working representation of an old mill. It was used during filming of Gone With The Wind and is the only remaining feature from the movie. It’s a beautiful photo op!

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