Northshore Park, The Woodlands

Driving home from Houston, my kids were begging for a place to just take a break and swim for a few minutes, and both Huntsville State Park and Hurricane Harbor Splashtown (a Six Flags Waterpark) were both options, I remembered a little park on Lake Woodlands that we had kayaked to several years earlier, and I thought I recalled a little swim beach there.

Northshore Park on Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands Texas

I had to google parks on the lake, since I hadn’t been there by car. We had rented kayaks at Riva Row Boathouse, and paddled down to the park, and we really had a great time. It’s a really nice lake, and gas powered boats aren’t allowed. I easily found the park, which had certainly changed a lot, with a new big playground and volleyball court! There is also a boathouse, and it is home to the Woodlands Rowing Club, with a small boat ramp.

Northshore Park on Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands

While there wasn’t really a swim beach, there were a ton of people in the water, kayaking, paddleboarding and one guy attempting to get up on his electric hydrofoil board. Several kids were swimming so we gave the thumbs up to our kids. After checking for underwater debris or structures, the kids enjoyed running and jumping off the dock. We found shade under a nearby tree, spread out a blanket and sat down to watch them. It was a really peaceful break from being in the car all day.

Northshore Park on Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands, Texas

We were soon surrounded by a flock of mallard ducks, hoping we had something to eat, however signs all around the park warn against feeding the ducks, as it causes the ducks to stay in a certain area, and the food most people give them isn’t part of their diet or healthy. While I’ve always loved feeding ducks, turtles, deer, etc., we decided last year to not even put up birdfeeders as they just aren’t in the best interest of the wildlife.

Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands, North of Houston

Riva Row Boathouse has opened up a second location just across the lake, and reservations are taken online. I did look, thinking they would enjoy renting a couple of paddleboards, but they didn’t have anything available for several hours. The kids quickly added it to our Summer Bucket List, though!

Northshore Park

2505 Lake Woodlands Dr., The Woodlands

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